Volume 44 Issue 4
Mentoring and coaching for leading and learning

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Australian Educational Leader (AEL) for 2022. We are delighted to present 'Mentoring and coaching for leading and learning'. Our lead articles have been written by Professor Fenwick W. English and; Professor Viviane Robinson and Jacqui Patuawa. Other sections include ACEL Speaks by Karen Spiller OAM, spotlight interview with Andrew Smith and book reviews.

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From the President
Stephen Gniel

From the CEO
Dr Barbara Watterston

Lead Articles

My mentor is dead but we keep talking
Universal mentors; wisdom; Buddha; Confucius; Gandhi; Socratic dialogue; Montessori; 
Professor Fenwick W. English

Coaching from the fourth quadrant: Integrating facilitative and directive approaches
Coaching; fourth quadrant; facilitative approach; directive approach; coaching styles
Professor Viviane Robinson, Jacqui Patuawa

AEL Interview

Andrew Smith
Inclusion and diversity conference; Mental health; Indigenous ways of knowing

ACEL Speaks

ACEL Speaks:  Karen Spiller OAM
Miller-Grassie award; leadership journe; women leaders; career support; career advice; barriers; strategies
Karen Spiller OAM

AEL Articles

Coaching as a way of leading
Coaching as leading; conversations; continuum of learning conversations; stance; discernment
Chris Munro, John Campbell

Rethinking the roles of mentors for new teachers: The M-S-G-E model

Role of mentors; M-S-G-E model; literature review; new teachers
Associate Professor John De Nobile

Mentor preparation for instructional coaching: The 360-degree feedback exercise structure
Mentor preparation; instructional coaching; 360 degree feedback; Florida; universities
Marjorie Ceballos, Krista Bixler, Maria Gaspar

Four Greatest Coaching Conversations for School Leaders
Four greatest coaching conversations; BTS coaching; changing mindsets
Rosie Connor, Jerry Connor, Karim Hirani

Success Stories

Cultures of Thinking coaching: Promoting a culture of trust and professional growth
Cultures of thinking; cultures of thinking coaching; Brisbane Girls Grammar School; power of coaching; sustaining coaching
Ryan Gill & Ms Susan Garson

Creating a successful coaching culture in your organisation
Coaching culture; coaching cycle; coaching partnerships; leaders’ role
Michael Reardon

The power of a collaborative mentoring model: Dual perspectives
Collaborative mentoring model; dual perspectives; appreciative inquiry; GROW model; reflection
Bridget Garing, Kate Hooper, Amy Tickle, Sacha Webster

Other Articles

Leadership Challenge: Leading from the middle – Three strategies to create a culture of learning
Coaching; middle leaders; leadership coach
Elizabeth Benson, Sarah Gunn, Rachael Clarke, Joni Cameron

Inspiring hope, Leading our future: ACEL Conference, 2022 - Event Recap
2022 conference; highlights
Dr Lisa C. Ehrich, Dr Selena Fisk, Adam Inder, Meredith O’Connor, Dr Pauline Thompson

ACEL Awards