with Lyn Sharratt

The CLARITY Learning Suite (CLS) is for all teachers and leaders. It is a long-term, online System and School Improvement Professional Learning (PL) suite to complement the strategic improvement directions set by a State/Region/Diocese/School.

The CLS is a collaborative effort that includes the Clarity Team, comprised of Sue Walsh, Australia, Maggie Ogram, New Zealand, Mike Ogram, New Zealand, Jim Coutts, Canada and Lyn Sharratt, Canada. This dynamic team have put together a powerful learning product that will touch system and school leaders and teachers across the globe, bringing them together in interactive, online ‘Communities of Practice’ – 24/7.

CLS is based on the work Dr Lyn Sharratt has done with states, regions and independent schools, in person, across every state in Australia and globally. CLS reflects the text CLARITY: What Matters MOST in Learning, Teaching and Leading (Corwin, 2019).

It is a comprehensive ‘Whole-System’ and ‘Whole-School Approach’ that allows staff members to plan clear, self-determined pathways for their own improvement journeys. The premise is that teachers and leaders are practising while taking part in this ongoing learning experience that is self-paced and personalized to meet their needs.

It models best teaching practices to improve knowledge, skills and results in all subject areas across all programs on behalf of ALL students – highlighting the priority on Equity and Excellence.

CLARITY weaves together theory, solid rationale, insights, reflective analysis, and guidance for teachers and leaders all underpinned with the “how” of practical, evidence-proven, and well-lived experiences. A topical book, CLARITY is available for practitioners who want to take their learning to new heights of understanding. A timely book, CLARITY is now, more than ever it seems, needed for the support it offers. In a noisy world, it provides an oasis of tranquility for those of us who want to reflect on proven ideas and gain keen insights as pathways to deep implementation. We need clarity on what matters most in learning, teaching, and leading.

Avis Glaze
International Education Adviser; Former Ontario Education Commissioner


ensures the focus is students’ learning through evidence-proven teaching approaches (Parameters #3 and #13);

begins with a clear vision based on ‘shared beliefs and understandings’ (Parameter #1);

engages learners, teachers and leaders in reflection and data-wise decision-making to put FACES on data and take action (Parameter #6);

targets ‘just-in-time’ resources to interdependently achieve the vision of every student succeeding – beyond what is thought possible (Parameter #9);

focuses on a culture of learning to create shared responsibility and accountability for students’ growth, attainment and wellbeing (Parameter #1 #4 #6 #14);

provides ongoing opportunities to network across registrant-selected ‘communities of practice’ (Parameter #4 and #14) that could last 12 months and beyond.

CLS affords educators the opportunity for ongoing PL in groups, across groups encompassing individuals and ‘early adopters’ in schools and those in remote or isolated situations. Additionally, it sets up leaders for success as the ‘learning leaders’ (a specific role in the CLS) of System and School Improvement. CLS build on the shared belief and understanding that ‘Everyone’s a leader’!

CLARITY is practical, user-friendly, and grounded in current, evidence-based practices. Sharratt’s focus remains on teachers using student data, working together to unpack the analysis, and collaborating on interventions and strategies to improve achievement. The book includes real case studies on lessons learned and successful examples from around the world. CLARITY empowers schools and systems to build on teachers’ and leaders’ expertise in shaping and informing improvement.

Karen Grose
Vice President, TVOntario (TVO)

Cohort Application Close Dates Cohort Start Date
Cohort 1 24th January 2021 Week starting 8th February 2021
Cohort 2 18th April 2021 Week starting 3rd May 2021
Cohort 3 11th July 2021 Week starting 26th July 2021
Cohort 4 3rd October 2021 Week starting 18th October 2021


Individual $AUD 990 plus GST
Groups of 6 – 10 participants $AUD 920 plus GST
Groups of 11 – 20 participants $AUD 875 plus GST

Group pricing for more than 20 people from the same school, network or system is available upon request.

CLARITY is a must-read for all educators. Built on sound research and stories from the field, the book lays out a proven process for improving learning for all students. Lyn Sharratt does an outstanding job of showing the importance of clarity and precision in school leadership.

Ruth Mattingley
Former Senior Executive Officer, Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat,
Ontario Ministry of Education, and Former Superintendent of Education, Lambton Kent District

In her latest book, CLARITY, Lyn Sharratt continues to bring invaluable insights to education practitioners to make a positive difference for all learners. The invitation at the close of each chapter to take a deliberate pause to create clarity provides a powerful structure for practitioners to reflect upon ways to progress educational achievement in their own context.

Maggie Ogram
Educational Leadership Coach, Osprey Consulting Ltd.