ACEL Mentoring and Coaching Program

Program Cost:

(including GST)

3 hour mentoring/coaching package:
$330.00 (members)
$379.50 (non-members)

5 hour mentoring /coaching package:
$500.00 (members)
$575.00 (non-members)

10 hour mentoring/coaching package:
$900.00 (members)
$1035.00 (non-members)

Please note that the minimum number of hours is three hours. Participants are asked to pay the full cost of the package upfront before the first session begins.


Lisa C. Ehrich, Project Manager
[email protected]

Esther Yung, Mentor Coordinator
[email protected]

The ACEL Mentoring and Coaching program is broad in scope and engages over 25 mentors/coaches from different levels and sectors of education. All of the mentors/coaches in ACEL’s program are committed professionals who have recently undertaken mentor training to support their work as an ACEL mentor/coach with their respective partners (i.e. mentees/coachees).

ACEL Mentoring and Coaching uses the terms, “mentoring” and “coaching” together because of the shared roles mentors and coaches play. Sometimes mentors can play the role of a coach who facilitates and guides and, at other times, coaches can play the role of a mentor who provides more direct instruction and gives clear advice. Whether the sessions focus on mentoring or coaching or consist of both learning activities, will be a matter for each partnership to negotiate as they work together to achieve the participant's specified learning goals.

ACEL’s mentors /coaches are an experienced group of professionals who can offer a range of expertise to meet the individualised needs of mentee/coachee participants. ACEL’s key role is to act as a broker assisting both parties as they finalise dates, choose an appropriate package to meet their needs (i.e. 3, 5, or 10 hour sessions), and commit to a mentoring/coaching agreement. To get the most out of the mentoring/coaching arrangement, participants are required to sign up for a minimum of three hours.

"My experiences through the ACEL Mentoring and Coaching Program have been phenomenal. I wish I had started the program earlier in my career. My mentor has made me feel much more confident in my role and has inspired me in my work. I would highly recommend the program and in particular my mentor, Brad Raynor, for anyone looking to improve their leadership abilities and receive guidance in their career aspirations. Brad is such a wise, intelligent and caring mentor. He genuinely wants the best for me and the outcomes of my school. He has shared so much of his knowledge throughout my leadership journey and I look forward to being part of this program for quite a long time!"

Who are the mentors/coaches?

The ACEL mentors/coaches who are part of ACEL’s newly launched program have each developed a profile that provides information pertaining to their expertise, areas of specialisation, and their current role. Some ACEL mentors/coaches have also prepared a short video of introduction that provides further information about themselves, their experience, and expertise.

Who are the mentees/coachees?

  • Teachers with leadership aspirations (either formal or informal)
  • Early career leaders
  • Middle leaders
  • Established leaders and school principals
  • Women aspiring leaders
  • Leaders and others from a variety of settings such as early childhood centres, not-for-profit based organisations, the public sector, and universities.

How does it work?

1. Mentees/coachees are required to complete the online expression of interest form (below) which includes the terms & conditions of the ACEL Mentoring and Coaching agreement. The mentees/coachee will need to read and agree to these terms and conditions.

2. ACEL will contact the first mentor/coach to check availability. If not available, the second mentor/coach will be contacted. The mentor/coach will also be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the ACEL Mentoring and Coaching Agreement.

3. ACEL will send the mentee/coachee an invoice for the chosen package. Once payment has been made by the mentee/coachee, ACEL will provide an introduction via email. At this stage both parties will be able to arrange a time for the first session and determine the means of communication (e.g. skype, zoom) that will be used for connecting. During the first session, areas of focus and/or specific goals should be agreed upon.

4. After all sessions have been completed, the mentor/coach will invoice ACEL for renumeration. The invoice will need to include: the names of both parties, the number of hours, and dates and times of the sessions.

5. ACEL will pay the mentor/coach for their service.

6. Both parties will be asked to complete an “Evaluation Survey” regarding their experience

7. If both parties wish to engage in another package, a second mentoring/coaching agreement can be established.

What is ACEL’s role?

A key role played by ACEL is the provision of training for the mentors/coaches to prepare them to work in ACEL’s mentoring and coaching program. The training will cover the program’s goals, the roles and responsibilities of mentors/coaches, and identify some critical issues pertaining to mentoring and coaching.

ACEL has appointed a Mentor Coordinator. The Mentor Coordinator’s duties are to:

  • Act as a broker between mentors/coaches and mentees/coachees by helping both parties formalise the mentoring/coaching arrangements (via the Mentoring/Coaching Agreement)
  • Be available to both parties if they have any questions or concerns at any time before, during, or after the program
  • Seek informal and formal feedback (via an Evaluation Survey) from both parties regarding their experiences of the program
  • Provide support to both parties who may need to change or cancel the mentoring/coaching agreement either before or during the sessions. Assist mentees/coachees who may wish to be matched with a new mentor/coach.
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