ACEL Breakfast with the Minister Report

On Friday 27 May 2016 the ACT Breakfast with the Minister was held at the National Portrait Gallery. . ACT Minister for Education, Shane Rattenbury MLA met with educational leaders from the all sectors. The breakfast gave educational leaders within the ACT precinct an opportunity to network, discuss issues of significance, and hear Minister Rattenbury's goals and strategic vision for education within the ACT.

The breakfast offers a unique forum for tri-sectoral discussions at the precinct level. In particular, Minister Rattenbury noted his commitment to open dialogue, and articulated the government's commitment in supporting schools to implement programs that are able to scaffold students to be successful participants in an ever increasing technologically oriented global economy.

This event affirms the role that ACEL has in bringing educational leaders from all three schooling sectors together to work collaboratively in designing and implementing programs that provide students the opportunity to learn, succeed and thrive. The ACEL ACT Executive Committee thanks Minister Rattenbury for his contribution and commitment, and the opportunity to openly discuss key topics.

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