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ACEL is a not-for-profit company and a learning organisation that is continuously improving its practices to contribute to and draw from national and global learning opportunities. ACEL actively supports the development of educational leadership capabilities across Australia through conferences, workshops, leadership programs, in-house publications, online resources and our one-stop bookshop for educational leaders.

ACEL membership is available to classroom teachers through to system leaders and includes both starting members of the profession and aspirational leaders, as well as the valued experience of retired leaders. ACEL has existed in various forms since 1973, with an expanding network of national and increasingly international members, actively connecting and participating in regular professional learning opportunities.

ACEL membership gives you:

Free access to ACEL’s vast online library of writings and videos from pre-eminent Australian and international leaders.

Discounts on ACEL professional learning opportunities including conferences, workshops and webinars, as well as our Book Shop and resources.

Opportunity to receive the latest research and practitioner experience through our Australian Educational Leader and Leading & Managing journals free to your inbox.

A sense of belonging through diverse connections and networks via local state/territory branches and the National Office.

A cross-sectoral professional organisation that is inclusive of executive, established, middle and emerging leaders, from schools, systems, early learning settings and higher education, nationally and internationally.

ACEL membership benefits:

Connect & Collaborate

Gain access to complimentary networking face-to-face and online events, branch-based discussions and speakers.

Membership grants opportunities to write for ACEL's renowned journals and publications.

Institutional Membership
In addition to the range of individual benefits your staff members receive, your institution can:
• Provide each member with personalised access to online resources
• Maintain a single account contact for membership changes and administration
• Receive a discount per person for every member nominated


ACEL membership provides you a way to access, connect and learn no matter where you are located through digital resources, webinars and through our state branches which provide specific resources and localised support for ACEL members.

ACEL Branch news provide information monthly regarding YOUR local ACEL activities as well as highlighting the great work being done across the state or territory.

Exclusive only to ACEL Members, recieve the fortnightly ACEL Members Newsletter which contains curated videos content and articles, and lets you keep up to date with the industry and community through your inbox.

ACEL Members have early access to the Leaders Lounge video library with webinars, keynote videos and interviews updated weekly.

Benefit from membership pricing at the ACEL Online Bookshop and take advantage of all specials in our fortnightly ACEL Bookshop Newsletter

Learn & Engage

As a member of ACEL we keep you informed with the latest educational research and developments. As a member you will receive each issue of the quarterly Australian Educational Leader (digital and optional print copy) and bi-annual Leading & Managing journal (digital copy)

Free access to our Online Resource Centre – great for looking up past and present research and accessing videos and podcasts of speakers from Australia and across the globe

ACEL events provide members with an opportunity to further their professional learning and the development of their teams as well as network with peers cross-sectorally - locally, nationally and internationally. Members receive discounted Membership rates for ACEL conferences, workshops and webinars.


Vote and / or stand for ACEL State Branch elections

Nominate and be nominated for the annual State and National Awards, and Nominate peers for ACEL Fellowships. Our awards honours educational leaders who have dedicated themselves to the improvement of student and educational outcomes.

All ACEL members can use the post-nominal “MACEL” and outstanding members awarded a Fellowship are conferred the prestigious “FACEL”

Giving Back

We are committed to providing the best in educational leadership development and research to our community. In the past couple of years we have been able to:

• Host the successful 2020 ACEL Online Global Conference which was free to over 3000 educators
• Respond to emerging needs with webinars and programs around wellbeing, middle leadership and mentoring for leaders in all stages of their career
• Increase the number of and access to, contemporary professional learning through webinars and workshops when they were needed most by our members
• Further support researchers and practitioners to share the latest in successful practice through our publications
• Ensure ACEL state branches have been able to continue hosting local events, ranging from Q&A sessions to book clubs to networking events in support of local members
• Continue to recognise and celebrate excellence in education through our Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards.

ACEL Membership Tiers:


For individuals from all education sectors and organisations embracing the education sector from early childhood and care to higher education, schools and systems, metro or regional / remote and international including for example: teachers, leaders, researchers, consultants, advocates, system leaders


1 Year - $215
2 Year - $397
3 Year - $562


For groups from the same school or organisation. For smaller schools or organisations please contact us so that we can support you in taking advantage of an Institutional membership.

Pricing Annual

2-5 person - $205 pp
6-10 person - $198 pp
11+ people - $184 pp


Let’s stay connected whether you are taking time out to study or retiring from more formal roles. Our retired/student membership provides you with affordable opportunities to enjoy lifelong learning and enjoy networking opportunities.


1 Year - $93
2 Year - $154
3 Year - $220

Join today and connect with over 5000 educators and leaders who are part of the ACEL family.