What Works Best
Maximising Learning and Impact
John Hattie & Shane Crawford


15 November 2021
Online Event
9am – 3pm AEDT

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Why leave student success up to chance? There are deliberate practices we can implement as leaders and teachers which will make a difference to the inputs learners bring to their learning, and the skill, will and thrill as a result of learning. Organised around the DIIE framework, this symposium takes you through a process for diagnosing, determining high impact interventions, quality implementation and evaluating to accelerate the impact your teaching has on student learning.

Attend this symposium to:

  • Hear about the most current research on what works best to accelerate student learning
  • Discover how well you cater for each aspect of the skill, will (dispositions) and thrill (motivation) of learning
  • Take a deep dive into the four stages of the DIIE model: Diagnosis and Discovery, Intervention, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • Hear best practices in action and examples from schools and classrooms around the world
  • Walk away with practical ideas, strategies and resources to help maximise learning and impact.

John Hattie

John Hattie, Ph.D., is an award-winning education researcher and best-selling author with nearly 30 years of experience examining what works best in student learning and achievement. His research, better known as Visible Learning, is a culmination of nearly 30 years synthesizing more than 1,500 meta-analyses comprising more than 90,000 studies involving over 300 million students around the world. He has presented and keynoted in over 350 international conferences and has received numerous recognitions for his contributions to education. His notable publications include Visible Learning, Visible Learning for Teachers, Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn, Visible Learning for Mathematics, Grades K-12, and, most recently, 10 Mindframes for Visible Learning.

Shane Crawford

With nearly thirty years of educational experience as a primary school educator, collaborative leader, strategic planner, driver of innovation and diverse senior leadership positions within Catholic education, Shane has been identified as a leader of educational change. Shane is now working in his fifth primary school as the Learning, Student Wellbeing and Mathematics Collaborative Leader. He has experience with Asian education systems, with a close connection to schools in Malaysia and Indonesia. Shane’s great passions in learning are Mathematics education, the use of data to drive change, the role of Impact Coach within the Visible Learning+ and ‘Discovery Play’