Margot Foster is a Director working in the South Australian Department for Education. She was a teacher and leader in complex and disadvantaged public schools across SA, but learned her teaching craft in Elizabeth. “She has a commitment to quality learning and teaching for all students, particularly those from disadvantaged communities and is an advocate for the voice of children and young people in education. Her inspirational leadership, vision and exceptional level of service to public education have made a significant difference to the South Australian teaching profession and the learning experience of children and young people.”
2012 South Australian Public Service Medal citation.

“ACEL Student Panel - Leading with our Students”

Students from Victoria and South Australia share and unpack their perspectives in conversation with Margot Foster and Sophie Murphy
Response and summary by Prof Yong Zhao

Five students from Victoria and South Australia will engage together to share their insights into student agency and what this means to them. The students will highlight their personal experiences in school leadership, student voice, agency and the importance of being seen, heard and valued in 2021. In doing so, they will unpack what has worked for them, what they believe teachers do to hear ALL voices in the classroom, what they have been involved in that has impacted them and what student agency looks like from their perspective.

Margot Foster and Sophie Murphy will consider some of the essential work and research in supporting student voice/agency and leadership as well as providing the provocations, thinking and questions with the students.

Yong Zhao will bring the session together to respond to all on the panel. He will provide an insight and a summary of the clear takeaways from the session and suggestions for leading with students in your school context.