The 1st Annual
Children and the Media National Conference


Date: 28th October 2019

Main Agenda Session : 8.30am – 5pm

Sydney Masonic Centre
66 Goulburn St
Sydney NSW 2000
Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea provided.

Cost: (including GST)
Registration: $550
Combine and save with ACEL Membership: $690

Digital environments are different.  The devices are portable, accessible and very persuasive.  The content grabs children’s attention, and doesn't want to let it go.  How do we ensure that these environments support and don't hinder children’s development? What’s the research telling us?

The Australian Council on Children and the Media [ACCM] and The Australian Council for Educational Leaders [ACEL] with the first Annual Children the Media National Conference combine to co-present a new 1 day national conference that brings these conversations, issues and research to the forefront of discussion across leaders, professionals, producers and policy makers.

This agenda will present a conference which:

  1. highlights the importance of children meeting their developmental milestones;
  2. captures and examines current controversies about whether the digital environment is disrupting childhood, and whether the benefits outweigh the risks?
  3. bridges the gap between the considerable and useful body of research on children’s relationships with screens, and the audiences who need to have the information and would benefit from it – children’s professionals in health, education and welfare, parents, producers of children’s media, technology companies, policy-makers and government decision-makers;
  4. provides quality presentations by well-established and respected researchers, academics and professionals that encourage and provoke decision-makers and producers to understand the ways in which media use can interfere with the attainment by children of their developmental milestones;
  5. emphasises that what best supports children’s optimal development is a strong and consistent relationship with their carers;
  6. puts children’s rights and needs at the heart of all discussions


ACCM: The Australian Council on Children and the Media

The Australian Council on Children and the Media is a peak not-for-profit national community oranisation whose mission is to support families, industry and decision makers in building and maintaining a media environment that fosters the health, safety and wellbeing of Australian children. ACCM's core activities include the collection and review of research and information about the impact of media on children's development, and advocacy for the needsand interests of children in relation to the media.

ACCM's core services include:

  • the ACCM website containing evidence based information about media an children (attracting close to 1500 visits per day);
  • the award-winning Know before you go child-friendly movie review and Know before you go Load app review services.
  • researching effective parent media awareness materials,
  • making submissions and participating in media interviews related to media regulation.

ACCM's current issues include the quality of children's programs, the effectiveness of national classification systems, the growth of gambling elements in games: the marketing of violent entertainment and junk foods to children: and management of screen time and content in early childhood.