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Picture of the productAustralian Educational Leader AEL Volume 45 Issue 2 ONLINE
Australian Educational Leader AEL Volume 45 Issue 2 ONLINE version

ACEL’s Australian Educational Leader (AEL) publication, is recognised nationally and internationally as a practical journal for the exchange of current research, trends, and innovations. It is a valuable resource for accessing leading educational practice and theory with contemporary techniques and contexts.

AEL Spotlight Interview
Emeritus Professor Wendy Patton

Lead Articles
Thinking like a gardener: Principles and pathways for navigating “what works”
Associate Professor Glenn C. Savage

Rethinking teacher turnover
Dr Hugh Gundlach

Rethinking the regional, rural and remote education workforce
Dr John Halsey

Reconceptualising professional capital through leading with an infinite mindset
Michael Reardon

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Picture of the productAustralian Educational Leader AEL Volume 45 Issue 2 PRINT
ACEL’s Australian Educational Leader (AEL) publication, is recognised nationally and internationally as a practical journal for the exchange of current research, trends, and innovations. It is a valuable resource for accessing leading educational practice and theory with contemporary techniques and contexts.

Volume 45 Issue 2
Rethinking the workforce

Welcome to the second edition of the Australian Educational Leader (AEL) for 2023. We are delighted to present 'Rethinking the workforce'. Our lead articles have been written by Dr Jane A. G. Kise and; Dr Fiona Longmuir, Associate Professor Mike Phillips, Dr Beatriz Gallo Cordoba and Associate Professor Kelly-Ann Allen. Other sections include spotlight interview with Emeritus Professor Wendy Patton and book reviews.

Lead Articles
Polarity Thinking: Tools for moving forward together
Polarity thinking, tools, academic success, teacher professionalism, standardisation, customisation
Dr Jane A. G. Kise

What leaders need to know about teachers’ perceptions of their work teachers’ work, surveys, leaders, workload intensity, belonging to the profession, safety, motivation
Dr Fiona Longmuir, Associate Professor Mike Phillips, Dr Beatriz Gallo Cordoba, Associate Professor Kelly-Ann Allen

AEL Interview
Emeritus Professor Wendy Patton

AEL Articles
Thinking like a gardener: Principles and pathways for navigating “what works”
Associate Professor Glenn C. Savage

Rethinking teacher turnover
Dr Hugh Gundlach

Rethinking the regional, rural and remote education workforce
Dr John Halsey

Reconceptualising professional capital through leading with an infinite mindset
Michael Reardon

Success Stories
Going lawless with physics in early childhood education
STEM, early childhood education, FROEBEL, time.
Jessica Branca, Laura Kerr

Digital quality teaching rounds: Strengths, challenges and opportunities
Casey Norden, Allison Lloyd

FutureSchool: Australian case studies
Future Schools, case studies, Emmanuel College, Katherine High School, Warakirri College, design principles
Sue Buckley

Leadership Challenge
Why school leaders need to consider de-implementation as a strategy to rethink work
Dr Peter DeWitt, Dr Ray Boyd

Book Reviews
Educator Bandwidth. How to Reclaim your Energy, Passion, and Time (By Jane A. G. Kise and Ann C. Holm)
Reviewed by Kerrie Blain

Establishing Pathways to Inclusion (By Richard Rose and Michael Shevlin)
Reviewed by Meredith O’Connor

ACEL 2023
ISSN 1832–8245

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Picture of the productLeader: Know, Love and Inspire Your People
Title: Leader: Know, Love and Inspire Your People

Author: Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston

What exactly is it that good leaders do to enable their teams to succeed? How do they think? What do findings from neuroscience teach us about effective leadership?

Leader explores and answers these crucial questions.

In this wide-ranging book, Katy and Emmie eloquently combine up-to-date research in psychology and neuroscience with inspiring examples of success to show that leadership can be learned and that it is all about looking after your people.

They take you on a journey to meet a diverse selection of great leaders from multiple spheres - from the sports field to the corporate world - and talk you through the process by which effective leaders have become great leaders.

The secret lies in mastering three key principles: know your people, love your people, inspire your people. These three principles form the core of the book, which also provides a range of practical activities designed to help you reflect on your own and your team's progress and performance.

The authors contend that leadership which focuses on the flourishing of people is not only intrinsically valuable, but is also the most important factor in achieving success in any domain. To provide proof, the book features inspiring examples of leaders who have made a significant impact in their organisation, alongside insightful analysis of how and why effective leaders outperform others - not just in terms of results, but, even more importantly, through the contributions they make to people's lives.

Practical, evidence-based and optimistic, this book is suitable for both aspiring and established leaders.

All royalties from sales of this book will be donated to The Prince's Trust.

Find more helpful information at

Leader was highly commended in the leadership for the future category of the Business Book Awards 2021.

Published date: 14 July 2020
Number of Pages: 250
ISBN: 9781785834868

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Picture of the productEarly Childhood Education for a New Era
Title: Early Childhood Education for a New Era: Leading for Our Profession

Author: Stacie G Goffin

In her provocative new book, Stacie Goffin presents a leadership manifesto to the field of early childhood education: It should step forward as an agent for change by assuming responsibility for the competent practice of its practitioners and for facilitating positive results for children and their learning. As a field of practice, ECE should formally organise as a profession to realise consistency in practice across sites and program types. Goffin challenges the field to develop field-wide leadership and diminish its reliance on public policy for defining its purpose and structure.

Early Childhood Education for a New Era confronts the disparity between the field's potential contributions to children's learning and development and its occupational competence to achieve them. It burros under the identity and leadership question of "What defines and bounds early care and education as a field of practice?" to better understand why this question still lingers. It elevates as an obligation the field's need to change its collective performance and lifts up the transformational opportunity provided by organising ECE as a professional field of practice.

Offering a fresh viewpoint on national efforts to improve program quality and children's learning and development, the book concludes with ''Next Steps Commentaries'' written by education luminaires Rolf Grafwallner, Jacqueline Jones and Pamela J. Winton outlining concrete action steps to jump-start the essential discussion about moving forward with the ideas presented in the book.

ISBN: 9781743308967
Published on: 23 February 2015
Number of Pages: 104

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Picture of the productEnergising Teaching
Title: Energising Teaching: The power of your unique pedagogical gift

Author: Frank Crowther, Ken Boyne

As a prospective, beginning or established teacher, you have a unique blend of skills, passions, personality traits and pedagogical styles that informs your approach to the profession. But the job is not an easy one. How can you utilise your strengths so that you don’t burn out? Career energy, direction and longevity begins with identifying the kind of teacher you would like to be, so you can like what you do and like how you do it.

Through case studies, personal stories, exercises and strategies, Energising Teaching gives you the tools you need to inform your personal reason for teaching, your preferred teaching style and your love of the craft, and to direct your unique gift towards effective, transformative teaching.

Based on the successful IDEAS project created by acclaimed educator, author and presenter, Frank Crowther, Energising Teaching will show you how to undertake self-reflection and critique – individually, across your school or in your cohort – in order to build on your existing expertise and renew your drive for the job, resulting in better outcomes for your students, your school and yourself.

Energising Teaching is a must-read for anyone seeking to make a difference in education.

About the Author

Frank Crowther, AM is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators (ACE) and Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Administrators (ACEA). He is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Southern Queensland, where he served previously as the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Regional Engagement and Social Justice). Ken Boyne has devoted his career to teachers and teaching in a range of schools and classrooms as a principal, an education policy writer and an industrial advocate. Ken's conviction for principles of socially just practice indelibly shaped Emerging Teaching.

ISBN: 9781742864136
Published on: 1 December 2016
Number of Pages: 176

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Picture of the productSimply Better
Title: Simply Better: Doing What Matters Most to Change the Odds for Student Success

Author: Bryan Goodwin

We already know what works in schools; we just need to focus on getting it right. This is the premise of Simply Better: Doing What Matters Most to Change the Odds for Student Success, which offers a practical, research-based framework for improving student achievement. According to author Bryan Goodwin, decades of research have shown time and again that focusing on the following five essential practices can vastly increase students' chances of doing well in school:

* Guaranteeing that instruction is challenging, engaging, and intentional
* Ensuring curricular pathways to success
* Providing whole-child student supports
* Creating high-performance school cultures
* Developing data-driven, high-reliability district systems

Whether at the district-, school-, or classroom-level, educators don't need to reinvent the wheel or pursue the latest trends to ensure that students succeed. This powerful book reveals what research clearly shows works best in schools, and provides a valuable blueprint for turning that knowledge into visible results.

ISBN: 9781416612957
Published on: 30 August 2011
Number of Pages: 184

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Picture of the productGeneration Alpha
Title: Generation Alpha: Understanding Our Children and Helping Them Thrive

Author: Mark McCrindle, Ashley Fell, Sam Buckerfield

**Finalist: Best General Book at the 2021 Australian Business Book Awards**

From renowned social research experts Mark McCrindle and Ashley Fell come the insights and answers we need to help our switched-on, 21st-century kids thrive.

Generation Alpha are the most globally connected generation of children ever. Covering those born between 2010 and 2024, these kids are living through an era of rapid change and a barrage of information - good, bad and fake. For parents, teachers and leaders of Generation Alpha looking for guidance on how to raise their children, worried if their kids are spending too much time on screens, concerned how global trends are impacting them and wondering how to prepare them for a world where they will live longer and work later, this is the book you need.

McCrindle and Fell have interviewed thousands of children, parents, teachers, business leaders, marketers and health professionals to deliver parents and educators everything they need to know about Generation Alpha, the term Mark coined, including:

- Understanding and empowering this generation
- The significance of technology
- How to get education right for them
- The future of work
- Their consumer habits and their role as influencers
- Where and how this generation will live as adults
- The importance of mental and physical wellbeing
- What their future looks like

Through meticulous research and interviews, Generation Alpha shows us what we all need to know to help this group of children shape their future ... and ours.

About the Author

Mark McCrindle is a social researcher and futurist internationally recognised as a leader in tracking emerging issues and researching social trends. He coined the term 'Generation Alpha'. As an award-winning social researcher Mark has appeared across many television networks and other media, including Sunrise, Today, ABC News 24, ACA and Today Tonight. He is a best-selling author, an influential thought leader, TEDx speaker and Principal of McCrindle Research. His advisory, communications and research company, McCrindle, count among its clients more than 100 of Australia's largest companies and leading international brands.

Published on: 28 April 2021
Number of Pages: 352
ISBN: 9780733646300

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Picture of the productImprobable Probabilities
Title: Improbable Probabilities: The Unlikely Journey of Yong Zhao

Author: G Williamson McDiarmid, Yong Zhao

Improbable Probabilities is an analysis of opportunity as seen through the journey of renowned scholar Yong Zhao. From an obscure village in a China wracked by the Cultural Revolution to acclaim as one of the most influential international voices in education today, Yong’s journey reveals that disadvantages may become advantages and assuming risks that others avoid can open unforeseen opportunities.

In this instructive title, you will learn about:

* why families are important for children, through Yong’s experiences growing up impoverished in a supportive but illiterate family

*how low or no expectations may benefit some children, as illustrated by an absence of familial expectations that freed Yong to explore and discover a love of language, reading and writing

*students’ potential to find and take advantage of opportunities

*how Yong discovered, explored and pursued opportunities others failed to see in order to become internationally recognised as a researcher, professor and writer

*why Yong’s publications and perspective challenge many of the current orthodoxies in education, especially regarding how to improve the learning of students living in low-wealth communities.

ISBN: 9781760946616
Published Date: 18 April 2023
Number of Pages: 218
HB code: SOT6616

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Picture of the productThe Song of Significance
Title: The Song of Significance: A New Manifesto for Teams

Author: Seth Godin

An urgent manifesto for leaders facing unprecedented challenges, from the bestselling author of Linchpin and Tribes

What if we could create the best job someone ever had? What if we had that job?

The workplace has undergone a massive shift. Remote work and economic instability have depressed innovation and left us disconnected and disengaged. Paychecks no longer buy loyalty, happiness, and effort. People show up without truly showing up. Alarmed managers are responding with harsh top-down edicts, layoffs, surveillance and mandatory meetings. But what if, instead, this is the moment for something better, something more powerful, something human?

In The Song of Significance, legendary author and business thinker Seth Godin brings us an urgent road map of what leaders must do now. The choice is simple: either keep treating your people as disposable and join in the AI-fueled race to the bottom, or build a significant organization that enrolls, empowers, and trusts employees to deliver their best work, no matter where they're working.

If we want your employees to eagerly turn their cameras on, participate in conversations, and live up to their full professional potential, we must give them the respect and autonomy they deserve as humans. Godin offers a series of practical yet game-changing commitments leaders must make, and a list of organizational milestones on the way to significance.

This is a book to share with co-workers and bosses, to discuss and put to action. We have a choice to make about how we spend our days, and it's within our power to make things better - for everyone.

It's time for leaders to make and keep a new promise, and to recognize that, as Godin writes, "Humans aren't a resource. They are the point."

ISBN: 9780593715543
Published on: 30 May 2023
Number of Pages: 208

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Picture of the productDear School Leader
Title: Dear School Leader
50 Motivational Quotes and Anecdotes that Affirm Your Purpose and Your Impact

Author: Brad Johnson

Dear school leader, you have a big impact on your teachers and students! In this follow-up to the bestselling Dear Teacher, motivational speaker Dr. Brad Johnson provides 50 inspiring quotes for leaders, along with stories and practical takeaways, to thank you for all that you do and to help you thrive in your role.

Dr. Brad Johnson covers topics such as focusing on your assets instead of your agenda; remembering your purpose; embracing failure; overcoming imposter syndrome and decision fatigue; celebrating the small things; becoming a world class you; and more!

The book is perfect to gift to the principals and other administrators in your life, or for your own nightly reading as you reflect on the day. The uplifting advice will help you focus on your purpose in this profession – and will help you remember that even when you’re having a bad day, you’re making a positive difference!

ISBN: 9781032288239
Number of Pages: 124
Published on: 4 July 2023
Routledge TF

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Picture of the productEmerge
Title: Emerge: The 5 Most Common Challenges Faced by Middle Leaders and How to Overcome Them

Author: Gavin Grift

Gavin Grift, a prominent international educational leader and author, experienced the limitations of traditional professional learning approaches for middle leaders and was frustrated with their approach and impact. As a result of his research, lived experience, and leadership and coaching work, Emerge materialised.

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, it's imperative to confront the ingrained approaches that leaders adopt when dealing with complex challenges like never before. Working as both a teacher and leader is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling but can also be difficult to navigate. Middle leaders can create a positive work culture, foster a strong collaborative team spirit and nurture affirming collegial relationships, but they are also the first point of contact when challenges arise. Emerge addresses these challenges by assisting readers to let go of mental barriers associated with leadership and to gain self-knowledge about their ingrained dispositions, intrinsic motivations and habitual ways of responding. This knowledge enables readers to lead themselves, their colleagues and schools successfully.

Emerge is the perfect tool to help you clarify their mission for leading, determine why you lead, and ensure your values align with the choices you make as a leader. This compelling read will transform you into a more self-aware leader, and you will emerge from its pages with valuable and fresh perspectives that will propel you forward with renewed self-assurance.

Praise for Emerge
‘As a former middle leader and now researcher of middle leadership, I empathised, laughed, cried, and was both enlightened and empowered when reading this book. This much needed resource, by a highly regarded educator and leader, shows us why middle leadership matters, and what changes we can make right now to increase our capacity to look at and after ourselves, learn and grow from difficulties, and maximise our impact when working with others.’

Published Date: 3 May 2023
No of Pages: 180
ISBN: 9781760566098
Grift Education

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