What's Worth Fighting for in the Principalship?

What's Worth Fighting for in the Principalship?

Michael Fullan

Principals are now expected to do more in their already overloaded schedules. With a sense of urgency that will spur principals into action, this book provides targeted, specific and concrete examples from the field to reveal a new agenda for school leaders. Michael Fullan incisively characterises the current state of the principalship and presents Action Guidelines to help school and regional leaders work for meaningful change.

This edition will help principals fight for:

Deep and creative learning for all students—not just minimum competency in tested achievement

Professional learning communities that respect and engage teachers in the quest to improve learning

Sustainable leadership that creates lasting improvement—rather than quick fixes that fade all too fast after early promise

Guidelines presented for principals include: de-privatising teaching, modeling instructional leadership, building capacity first, growing other leaders, diverting the distractors, and being a system leader. Fullan also presents guidelines for systems, including: combining direction and flexibility, using peers to change district and regional culture, addressing the managerial requirements, and more.

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