Carol Tomlinson Differentiation Collection [4PK]
Carol Tomlinson Differentiation Collection [4PK]
Carol Tomlinson Differentiation Collection :

4 Book Collection Including :
The Differentiated Classroom + Differentiation and the Brain + How to Differentiate Instruction +Leading for Differentiation

Carol Tomlinson

The Differentiated Classroom

Today’s classroom is more diverse, more inclusive and more
plugged into technology than ever before. And it’s led by teachers under enormous
pressure to help decidedly unstandardised students meet an expanding set of
rigorous, standardised learning targets. In this updated second edition of her
best-selling classic work, Carol Ann Tomlinson offers these teachers a powerful
and practical way to meet a challenge that is both very modern and completely
timeless: how to divide their time, resources and efforts to effectively
instruct so many students of various backgrounds, readiness and skills levels,
and interests.

With a perspective informed by advances in research and
deepened by more than 15 years of implementation feedback in all types of schools, Tomlinson explains the theoretical basis of differentiated instruction, explores the variables of curriculum and learning environment, shares dozens of instructional strategies, and then goes inside primary and secondary classrooms in nearly all subject areas to illustrate how real teachers are applying differentiation principles and practices to respond to the needs of all learners.

This book’s insightful guidance on what to differentiate,
how to differentiate and why lays the groundwork for bringing differentiated instruction into your own classroom or refining the work you already do to help each of your wonderfully unique learners move toward greater knowledge, more advanced skills and expanded understanding. Today more than ever, The Differentiated Classroom is a must-have staple for every teacher’s shelf and every school’s professional development collection.

Differentiation and the Brain

In Differentiation and the Brain: How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom, Second Edition, authors David A. Sousa and Carol Ann Tomlinson examine the basic principles of differentiation in light of what the current research on educational neuroscience reveals. This research offers information and insights that can help educators decide whether certain curricular, instructional and assessment choices are likely to be more effective than others. The authors also offer suggestions on how to establish and manage differentiated classrooms without imposing additional heavy burdens on teachers – teach differently and smarter, not harder.

The second edition includes updated references and findings from new educational neuroscience research that support the elements of differentiated instruction. It includes updated instructional strategies and teacher-tested examples related to implementing differentiated instruction components, as well as offering new guidance on working with issues related to learning profiles.

How to Differentiate Instruction

We differentiate instruction to honour the reality of the students we teach. They are energetic and outgoing. They are quiet and curious. They are confident and self-doubting. They are interested in a thousand things or deeply immersed in a particular topic. They are academically advanced or “kids in the middle” or struggling due to cognitive, emotional, economic or sociological challenges. More of them than ever speak a different language at home. They learn at different rates and in different ways. And they all come together in our academically diverse classrooms.

Written as a practical guide for teachers, this expanded third edition of Carol Ann Tomlinson’s ground-breaking work covers the fundamentals of differentiation and provides additional guidelines and new strategies for how to go about it

Leading for Differentiation

Leading for Differentiation lays out the reflective thinking and
action-oriented steps necessary to launch a system of continuous professional learning, culture building and program assessment that will allow differentiation to flourish in every classroom. Incorporating their own experience insights, authentic examples and practical tools, world-renowned differentiated instruction expert Carol Ann Tomlinson and change leadership authority Michael Murphy explore

why a move to school-wide differentiation makes so much sense for today’s students and today’s standards- and accountability-focused climate

how to transform a vision for school-wide differentiation into manageable, year-by-year plans to achieve it

how to incorporate the principles of differentiation, motivation and adult learning into respectful, responsive and truly effective professional development throughout all stages of the change initiative

how to foster and recognise growth in teachers’ differentiation practices, and how to chart the impact differentiation is having on student learning

how to recognise, understand and respond to resistance – in both its predictable forms and surprising ones

what school-wide differentiation looks like when it’s fully established and how to tend to it for long-term success.

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