Learning Science by Doing Science
Learning Science by Doing Science
Learning Science by Doing Science: 10 Classic Investigations Reimagined to Teach Kids How Science Really Works, Grades 3-8

Alan Colburn

Designed foremost for grades 3-8 teachers, this accessible, classroom-based primer gently introduces teachers to the NGSS' Science and Engineering Practices and helps teachers better understand and teach key ideas around the Nature of Science.

Each chapter walks teachers through time-tested, inquiry-based classroom activities and case studies of what real scientists do to illustrate such ideas as: what makes up scientific questioning; the differences between hypotheses, theories, and laws; inductive and deductive reasoning; common procedures for scientific experimentation; and more.

Features and Benefits:
o Introductory information on the Next Generation Science Standards;
o Activities in every chapter that clearly illustrate the big idea around the Nature of Science and the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs);
o Sidebars and callouts with facilitation notes for conducting the activities for different grade levels 3-8.
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