Visible Learning Symposium: Perth Event Report

More than 450 delegates gathered to participate in the Visible Learning Symposium delivered by the renowned educator, Professor John Hattie along with Deb Masters, to learn strategies that have the greatest impact on learners – both teachers and students. The delegates represented a range of sectors, coming from Public, Private, Independent, Catholic and International education. This demonstrated the diversity and yet like-mindedness of the group, working together to learn and apply latest research in their own contexts, from one of the most internationally acclaimed academics.

The one day symposium was enriching and informative, where participants at each table formed a mini Visible Learning Network (VLN) to work closely and share the strategies learnt in the workshop. This provides an opportunity to understand how these strategies work in different demographics and also to expand current networks. The formation of VLN encourages collaboration, interaction and ideas creation to make learning and teaching an enriching experience for both teachers and students.

The Visible Learning Symposiums we have hosted across the country have been very successful, with each event selling out well ahead of time. John’s work has a far-reaching impact in driving student outcomes in schools and we look forward to further symposiums later this year in Adelaide and Canberra.

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