New Voice Perspectives – Transforming Education through Professional Learning

ACEL are publishing a special series of Perspectives featuring the contributions of the 2016 New Voice Scholarship awardees. The theme of the 4 issues is, If you were able to transform education (given a metaphorical magic wand), what would you do? The winners of the 2016 ACEL New Voice Scholarships were given the opportunity to share their passion and ideas through these special issues. New Voice Scholars Perspectives No. 3 2016 published on 19 September focuses on the theme of transforming education by improving the status and recognition of teachers.

Aasha Murthy, ACEL CEO, comments “The New Voice Scholarship is a fabulous opportunity for skilled and motivated educators to be recognised by their peers. ACEL is committed to giving-back to the profession, through the provision of world-class learning opportunities for up-and-coming leaders, and we are thrilled to welcome the 2016 Scholarship winners into the ACEL network.”

New Voice Scholars Perspectives No. 3 features the following authors and scholars: Cath Apanah (Montrose Bay High School, Tas), Alexandre Guedes (Thomas Carr College, Vic), Amanda Heffernan (University of Southern Queensland, Qld), Catherine Scott-Jones (Department of Education, NT) and Jacques Du Toit (Riverside Christian College, Qld). Each of the authors articulated the importance of changing the way teachers engage in professional learning to transform education, using current modes and collaboration to improve practice.

ACEL invites you to engage with New Voice Scholars Perspectives No. 3 and future issues featuring the passion and ideas of the ACEL New Voice Scholars..

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