ACEL asserts its growing influence

The importance of forging strong relationships with federal and state politicians is the focus of a published statement to members of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) and featured in its flagship journal - The Australian Educational Leader.

Dr Jim Watterston, ACEL National President, asserts that ACEL is the best-positioned professional association to proactively influence the development of educational policy and strategy.

Holding on to this position depends on strong engagement with key stakeholders to ensure that the voice of the profession is heard and acted on.

“At ACEL, we seek to influence all stakeholders and we continue to actively build relationships with all key politicians,” states Dr Wattertson.

The statement clearly articulates ACEL’s role in asserting its growing influence over policy development and implementation.

“We are working assiduously with our politicians to ensure they use the best evidence available to make pivotal decisions.

“We’re doing it on behalf of our members and intend to get better at it,” states Dr Watterston.

At the recent Inaugural Hedley Beare Memorial Lecture, the Hon. Christopher Pyne MP acknowledged ACEL as being ‘at the forefront of education practice and improvement’ and declared his willingness to work closely with the Council.

Dr Watterston’s full statement is attached.

The statement is featured in the Australian Educational Leader, Vol 37 (1).

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