Report finds what good teachers and school leaders already knew

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders welcomes the Australian Curriculum review findings, seeing them as backing up what good teachers and leaders already knew.
Quality teachers have already been making decisions regarding the overcrowded curriculum, making worthy links across the curriculum and making curriculum more accessible for students with special needs.
The review findings are in keeping with good teaching practice.
Whilst the review points towards fine-tuning existing documents to make the curriculum implementation more achievable, particularly in the primary school, it is only one part of a complex solution to improving learning outcomes.
Continued professional learning and targeted funding to schools to enable them to improve the nature of learning in the classroom is what will realize improved student outcomes.
ACEL will be focused on the detail of the recommendations.
“Reducing the expectations of an ‘overcrowded curriculum’ implies that existing content will be removed, said Peter Hayes, Director of Education, ACEL
“We will be very attentive to what is added and what is removed from the primary school curriculum”
Over the coming month, ACEL will be running forums in each state and territory to discuss the implications of the review for Australian educators.

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