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Instructional Leadership

Peter M DeWitt

February 2020 Release

This step-by-step how-to guide presents the six driving forces of instructional leadership within a multi-stage model for implementation, delivering lasting improvement through small, collaborative changes.

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D) is a former K-5 teacher (11 years) and principal (8 years). He runs workshops and provides keynotes nationally and internationally focusing on... Details
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Author - Peter DeWitt

The book is framed around John Hattie’s key, highest influences based on Peter DeWitt's experience as a school leader: Collaboration, Assessment-capable learners, Micro-Teaching, Feedback, Teaching strategies, Professional Development, Parental Involvement, Principals/School Leaders, and Providing Formative Evaluation. 6 key factors are emphasized.

Features and Benefits:

1. Focuses on Collaborative Leadership and explains... Details
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School Climate
Leading With Collective Efficacy

Peter M. DeWitt

Build a positive school climate to impact students, teachers, and the community!

Is improving school climate on your to-do list? Do you think about it as a top-down directive or as a dialogue to build equity within the school? A healthy school environment should never be seen as an option, but instead supported as a must-have.

Peter DeWitt offers leaders... Details
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Coach It Further :
Using the Art of Coaching to Improve School Leadership

Peter M. DeWitt

Practical strategies for building coach-leader relationships
Leadership is complex work. High quality leadership coaching is one of the most effective methods of professional development for leaders. Coach It Further highlights the important aspects of leadership that leaders and coaches can work on together. It includes :

* Authentic stories... Details
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Flipping Leadership Doesn't Mean Reinventing the Wheel
Corwin Connected Educators Series

Peter M. DeWitt

Flip communication for instant impact—and real results for students!

Break away from the old ways of communication and revolutionize leadership and communication at your school. Use the principles of connectedness and flipped learning to engage stakeholders—teachers, administrators, and parents—digitally, so they’re ready for engaging... Details
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From Teacher to Leader
Finding Your Way as a First-Time Leader-Without Losing Your Mind

Starr Sackstein

Amazing. Exciting. Terrifying.

Your first year as a school leader can be all those things at once. Emotions seem to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other and back again in a single hour, not to mention the school year. You miss the classroom even as you hope to make an impact on a larger scale. You wonder where you fit in now... Details
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Digital Leadership
Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

Eric C. Sheninger

Just as the digital landscape is constantly evolving, the second edition of Digital Leadership moves past trends and fads to focus on the essence of leading innovative change in education now and in the future. As society and technology evolve at what seems a dizzying pace, the demands on leaders are changing as well. With a greater emphasis on leadership dispositions, this... Details