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The School in the Cloud
The School in the Cloud
The School in the Cloud : The Emerging Future of Learning

Sugata Mitra

The Science and the Story of the Future of Learning 
In 1999, Sugata Mitra conducted the famous "Hole in the Wall" experiment that inspired three TED Talks and earned him the first million-dollar TED prize for research in 2013. Since then, he has conducted new research around self-organized learning environments (SOLE), building "Schools in the Cloud" all over the world.

This new book shares the results of this research and offers
* Examples of thriving Schools in the Cloud in unlikely places
* Mitra's predictions on the future of learning
* How to design assessments for self-organizing learning
* How to build your own School in the Cloud

224 Pages | Pbk | Published October 2019
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Finding Fulfillment
Finding Fulfillment
Finding Fulfillment

A Path to Reclaiming Hope and Empowerment for Educators

Robin Noble

In Finding Fulfillment: A Path to Reclaiming Hope and Empowerment for Educators, Robin Noble addresses the rising crisis of teacher demoralisation in American schools and provides a comprehensive guide toward improvement. She explores the widespread feeling of a lack of fulfilment many educators develop and identifies a system of three innate needs that, when met, produce a sense of fulfilment:
(1) autonomy,
(2) competency, and
(3) relatedness.

Discover a pathway toward meeting those needs through concrete, practicable strategies. Noble also clearly delineates how implementing the Professional Learning Communities at Work® model of cultural and structural reform provides verifiable answers for meeting the three needs and restoring educators’ belief in their ability to effect change in their schools and districts, discovering (or rediscovering) teaching as a source of fulfilment.

F–12 administrators and school leaders will:

* study the sources and widespread effects of increased demoralisation and despondency among educators

* develop an understanding of fulfilment at work and its beneficial effects

* understand the three innate needs – autonomy, competence and relatedness – that, when met, lead to a sense of fulfillment

* find strategies and techniques that will allow educators to progress toward fulfilment of the three innate needs

* use free reproducibles to further understanding and guide themselves and others.

142 Pages | Pbk | Published April 2020
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Strengths-Based Teaching and Learning in Mathematics
Strengths-Based Teaching and Learning in Mathematics
Strengths-Based Teaching and Learning in Mathematics :
5 Teaching Turnarounds for Grades K-6

Beth McCord Kobett, Karen S. Karp

our game plan for unlocking mathematics by focusing on students

What if instead of focusing on what students haven't mastered, we identify their mathematical strengths and build on students points of power?
Beth McCord Kobett and Karen S. Karp highlight five key teaching turnarounds are presented:

* identify teaching strengths,
* leverage students strengths,
* design instruction from a strengths-based perspective,
* help students identify their points of power,
* and promote strengths in the school community.

Each chapter provides opportunities to reflect and transfer practice while also sharing

* Downloadable resources, activities, and tools

* Examples of student work within Grades K-6

* Real teachers notes and reflections for discussion

272 Pages | Pbk | Published March 2020
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Powering Up Your School
Powering Up Your School
Powering Up Your School:
The Learning Power Approach to School Leadership

Guy Claxton, Jann Robinson, Rachel Macfarlane, Graham Powell, Gemma Goldenberg and Robert Cleary

Illustrates in detail how school leaders can successfully embed the Learning Power Approach (LPA) in their school’s culture and empower teachers to deliver its benefits to their students.

The LPA is a way of teaching which aims to develop all students as confident and capable learners – ready, willing, and able to choose, design, research, pursue, troubleshoot, and evaluate learning for themselves, alone and with others, in school and out.

This approach also affords a clear view of the valued, sought-after outcomes of education – developing character strengths as well as striving for academic success – which underpin everything in the school: the curriculum content, the structure of the timetable, the forms of assessment, communication with parents, and the pedagogical style of every member of staff.

The school leader’s job, therefore, is to provide direction and signal the standards aimed for in all these different aspects of school life – and Powering Up Your School sets out a detailed explanation of how this can be accomplished. It distils into a series of illuminating case studies the lessons learned by a wide range of school principals who have successfully undertaken the LPA journey, and presents a variety of practical strategies geared to enable school leaders to make a positive impact on the lives of both their staff and their students.

200 Pages | Pbk | Published April 2020
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A Dialogic Teaching Companion
A Dialogic Teaching Companion
A Dialogic Teaching Companion

Robin Alexander

Building on Robin Alexander’s landmark Towards Dialogic Teaching, this book shows how and why the dialogic approach has a positive impact on student engagement and learning. It sets out the evidence, examines the underpinning ideas and issues, and offers guidance and resources for the planning, implementation and review of effective dialogic teaching in a wide range of educational settings.

Dialogic teaching harnesses the power of talk to engage students’ interest, stimulate their thinking, advance their understanding, expand their ideas and build and evaluate argument, empowering them for lifelong learning and for social and democratic engagement. Drawing on extensive published research as well as the high-profile, 5000-student trial and independent evaluation of Alexander’s distinctive approach to dialogic teaching in action, this book:

* Presents the case for treating talk as not merely incidental to teaching and learning but as an essential tool of education whose exploitation and development require understanding and skill;

* Explores questions of definition and conceptualisation in the realms of dialogue, argumentation and dialogic teaching, revealing the similarities and differences between the main approaches;

* Discusses evidence that has enriched the debate about classroom talk in relation to oracy, argumentation, student voice and philosophy for children as well as dialogic teaching itself;

* Identifies what it is about dialogic teaching that makes a difference to students’ thinking, learning and understanding;

* Presents the author’s rationale and framework for dialogic teaching, now completely revised and much expanded;

* Proposes a professional development strategy for making dialogic teaching happen which, like the framework, has been successfully trialled in schools;

* Lists resources from others working in the field to support further study and development;

* Includes an extensive bibliography.

Robin Alexander’s A Dialogic Teaching Companion, like its popular predecessor Towards Dialogic Teaching, aims to support the work of all those who are interested in the quality of teaching and learning, but especially trainee and serving teachers, teacher educators, school leaders and researchers.

236 Pages | Pbk | Published March 2020
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Corwin Impact Leadership 8PK Collection
Corwin Impact Leadership 8PK Collection
Corwin Impact Leadership 8PK Collection Set :

Featuring 8 Best Selling Leadership Titles for the Corwin Impact Series

System Recall :
Leading for Equity and Excellence in Education
Alma Harris, Michelle S Jones

Collaborative Professionalism :
When Teaching Together Means Learning for All
Andy Hargreaves, Michael T. O'Connor

Reduce Change to Increase Improvement
Viviane Robinson

FinnishED Leadership :
Four Big, Inexpensive Ideas to Transform Education
Pasi Sahlberg

Principal Voice :
Listen, Learn, Lead
Russell J Quaglia

Indelible Leadership :
Always Leave Them Learning
Michael Fullan

Reaching the Heart of Leadership :
Lessons Learned and Insights Gained
Avis E Glaze

Reach for Greatness :
Learner Driven Education
Yong Zhao

8 Pack Collection | Paperback
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