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The Ten Minute Principal
The Ten Minute Principal
The Ten-Minute Principal :
Free Up Your Time to Focus on Leadership

Evan Robb

Rebuilding Your Day--How ten minutes can make the difference between ordinary and fantastic leadership

Build the foundations of effective leadership despite daily distractions. This book will help you intentionally improve your school but not overwhelm yourself and staff, using ten-minute opportunities to consider and execute your vision. Based on six pillars of school leadership

Each chapter will:

* Introduce a leadership topic
* Offer a ten minute opportunity to consider where you are and what you might change
* Give a ten minute tip on how to get started
* Provide ten minute collaborative opportunities to gain buy-in and participation

176 Pages | Pbk
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Building Behavior
Building Behavior
Building Behavior :
The Educator's Guide to Evidence-Based Initiatives

Jessica Hannigan, John E. Hannigan

Build the behavior system your students need and deserve
Students deserve a safe, welcoming, and tolerant learning environment in which high expectations will flourish. Schools need consistent behavior initiatives that are rooted in equity and clear in outcome and purpose. Which plan is best for your students?

Building Behavior distills the purpose of six common behavior initiatives to give school leaders a starting point for adding to, refining, or building a tailored behavior system that is effective and manageable. Learn to select, self-assess, and build a behavior system that meets the diverse academic and social/emotional learning needs of your students.

Industry Reviews
"This book offers comprehensive, unbiased information on effective behavior initiatives and provides effective tools for implementing the action plan that best fits a school. It provides a one-stop shop that educators can use to evaluate their current behavior plan, research the most current behavior initiatives, and tailor-fit an initiative for their school."
-- Mandy White, Science Teacher
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Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools
Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools
Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools: Twelve Lenses to Balance Priorities and Serve the Whole Student

Jane Kise

Lead a school where educators help students flourish academically, socially and emotionally. In Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools: Twelve Lenses to Balance Priorities and Serve the Whole Student, leadership expert Jane A. G. Kise offers a toolkit of strategies that support the daily work of school leaders. Through the Twelve Lenses of Leadership, F–12 leaders and administrators will discover core leadership competencies to overcome ongoing challenges, navigate competing priorities and unite their entire school community around one common purpose: supporting whole-child learning.

Readers will:

learn about the essential components of effective leadership development

use the power of both–and thinking and connections to emotional intelligence to develop leadership skills and overcome inherent biases

create an environment of collaborative trust where students and educators feel engaged and motivated

make progress in whole-child achievement while ensuring educators feel a sense of purpose

gain insight into setting ambitious leadership development goals by establishing a priority focus.

PBK | 246 Pages | HBE
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Woo's Wonderful World of Maths
Woo's Wonderful World of Maths
Woo's Wonderful World of Maths

Eddie Woo
Why is a rainbow curved? Why aren't left-handers extinct? How is a sunflower like a synchronised swimmer? Why is 'e' a magic number?

The answer to these questions is contained within one simple word: MATHS. Because maths is all about patterns, and our universe is extraordinarily patterned.

With enthusiasm, humour and heart, Eddie Woo shows how card tricks, conspiracy theories, teacups, killer butterflies, music, lightning and so much more illuminate the spellbinding world of maths that surrounds us.


'I never thought I'd read a maths book cover to cover, let alone sing its praises. Eddie Woo makes maths fun, accessible and relevant. Now we can all benefit from his extraordinary skill as a teacher.'
JENNY BROCKIE, journalist and TV host

'Not just a great teacher, Woo's Wonderful World of Maths shows Eddie to be a storyteller too. Is there anything the Woo cannot do?'
ADAM SPENCER, Ambassador for Mathematics, University of Sydney


Long-listed for ABIA General Non-fiction Book of the Year 2019


Eddie Woo is the head mathematics teacher at Cherrybrook Technology High School, Sydney. He has been teaching maths for more than ten years.

In 2012, Eddie started recording his lessons and uploading them to Youtube - creating 'Wootube'. Since then, he has amassed a following of more than 270,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 14 million times.

In 2018, Eddie was named Australia's Local Hero of the Year and shortlisted as one of the top ten teachers in the world

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