At ACEL we continually strive to update our member offerings to reflect the ever-changing needs of the profession.  As part of this goal, we recently undertook a comprehensive review of our ePublications suite, and we are grateful for your invaluable insight and feedback. So, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new, revised and updated Resources in Action series. As the name suggests, this new series focuses on helping you transform ideas into practice.

What will Resources in Action offer you?

  • Regular articles on the most current topics in education, based on the latest research by leading experts
  • Succinct, contemporary resources, with a focus on tips and strategies that are practical and easy to implement
  • Inspiring and thought-provoking content, designed to help energize your teaching and leading, and to maximize the performance of you and your team
  • Covers a range of highly topical issues within the broad categories of Leadership, Management, Teaching, Wellbeing, Technology and Early Childhood
  • Flexible purchasing options with individual or pack pricing available to suit your needs

With new issues released every fortnight, this unique series will help to constantly challenge and invigorate your thinking. For beginning teachers or established educational leaders, this series is essential reading for all.


Leadership In Action

This series of practical and inspiring leadership resources is designed to support school leaders and their teams to perform at their best. Expert advice on a range of crucial issues offer hands-on strategies and tips to support school leaders to inspire and develop innovation in their teams. Themes covered include highly topical issues such as change management and transforming schools.


Teaching In Action

One of the greatest challenges faced by busy teachers is the need to keep skills up-to-date and relevant. It can be daunting to try and stay on top of issues, and to decipher the overwhelming amount of information available. This new series from ACEL presents information you can rely on, with a focus on ideas that can easily be applied in the classroom. Save time and boost your skills by subscribing to this unique series, researched and written by experts on the topics that matter most.


Management In Action

Being a manager in an educational environment presents a series of unique challenges in a constantly changing landscape. This new series from ACEL assists managers at any level in education to tackle these challenges head-on, through the application of research-based, innovative strategies and tips from leading experts in the field. Topics range from how to deal with critical incidents to having a difficult conversation.


Technology In Action

Technology in the classroom is moving at a rapid pace, and it can be difficult to keep up with the constantly changing demands of new trends, platforms and techniques. This series will help you to stay up-to-date and to develop your skills to help optimise student learning and achievement with digital technology. From Gamification to MOOCs, this series will help to decipher and guide you through the complex digital landscape.


Wellbeing In Action

Core to the success of any individual or team is the importance of a healthy culture and wellbeing at work. Leaders and managers are tasked with creating a positive environment where teams are recognised and motivated to perform at their best. Based on the very latest research into this important issue, this series will be invaluable in helping you to create a positive culture at your school.


Early Childhood In Action

Getting things right in the early years of a child’s education is crucial to the success of the student as they progress through school and beyond. This series from ACEL will provide quality, reliable content based on the most up-to-date research in the field. Regular and easy-to-digest articles will keep you constantly abreast of the latest trends, and show you in a practical sense how you can best support children in these critical early years.