Leading School Transformation

Interview with Michael Anderson

Leading School Transformation is a three-day program present by ACEL about changing and empowering schools through 4Cs pedagogy and professional practice. Facilitator of the program and internationally recognised educational leader Dr Michael Anderson takes part in ACEL interview on the program and school transformation.

1. Tell us about the Leading School Transformation program?

We hear so much about why we need to transform education. That’s fine but the key question for school leaders is ‘how’. This course explores the how of transformation drawing on research and our experience with more than 40 schools.

2. How does a school/leader/teacher benefit from Leading School Transformation?

Working with a group of school leaders we consider the first steps in the transformation process. A key part of the course is the third day where we visit one of our partnership schools where we are working toward transformation. This contextualises the first two days and makes sense of the frameworks for transformation we explore.

3. What can participants expect to walk away with from Leading School Transformation?

They will develop an understanding of the why and the how of transformation in their context. Transformation is a long term process but this course will give leaders a sense of where to begin and how to plan transformation in their context

4. What is the biggest success story you’ve heard from a participant on this course?

Most of those doing the course begin to work towards transformation. For us we are excited when people say to us 2 or 3 years after the course that this course gave them the inspiration and the approaches to transform their schools.