Tammy Baart

Position First Nations Engagement Leader
Organisation Brisbane Broncos - Loganlea State High School
Location QLD

Tammy, a bold and courageous Dharug woman, educator and artist with over 13 years of experience in teaching and leading in both the Government and private sectors.

Starting her career as a primary Physical Education Teacher, Tammy quickly was drawn to the classroom where she could develop greater connections with her students. Her passion to inspire and motivate youth saw her transition to middle schooling and junior secondary phases of learning quickly after, but not before working on developing Independent Learning curriculum materials for distance education students.

Over the years, through her various positions, including Indigenous Liaison Officer, Tammy established deep connections with her cultural roots; beginning with the learnings and forming of lifelong relationships with First Nations families under a remote community mango tree. During this time, Tammy developed a deep knowledge of self that enabled her to frequently and purposefully reflect on her practice, ensuring that she is always evolving to deliver increased opportunities for the young people Tammy works with. Utilising her skills developed as an athlete and previous career in sports development, Tammy displays foresight and vision to push herself and in turn those she works with to greater heights so that students can become their best versions of themselves and their futures maximised. Tammy's current role as First Nations Engagement Leader sees her employ those skills to increase engagement outcomes for her Indigenous students so they too can break the cycle and become masters of their own destinies. Understanding the bigger picture while knowing the little things matter is Tammy's superpower.

Tammy understands that data-informed thinking is paramount to any approach, but she is always the first to remember that every piece of educational data has a connection to a human. She refers to it as ‘soul data’.

The compassion and love she puts into the work she does with young people is contagious and endless. Tammy always pushes the boundaries of what is considered ‘acceptable’ to champion opportunities for young people. Her unique view on what is possible through interpretations of regulations will create a new and higher standard of what is possible to provide opportunities, pathways, hope and success for youth and future generations.

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