Tabatha Kellett
Position Executive Teacher
Organisation The Woden School
Location Deakin, ACT

Tabatha enjoys the diversity of the teaching profession, having taught in primary, senior secondary schools and initial teacher education, as well as the specialist areas of EAL/D, gifted and talented education and inclusive education. In all settings Tabatha works to align rigorous curriculum with student needs, supporting all students to set and achieve their goals. Understanding the challenges of the teaching profession and the need to focus on staff wellbeing in schools, Tabatha strives to create a positive workplace culture where all staff and students have the opportunity to flourish. A school staff wellbeing program needs to focus on personal and professional development, opportunities and resources to make wellbeing a priority and a leadership team that recognises the potential of a teaching staff that is ‘well’. Tabatha enthusiastically shares her research and practice, mentoring and coaching colleagues developing wellbeing programs. She presented on the topic ‘Teacher Wellbeing’ at the USA National Wellness Institute Conference, 2016, and more recently at the Positive Schools Conference, Sydney, in 2017. Tabatha is currently the Executive Teacher at The Woden School, leading the school’s Staff Wellbeing Program as a priority in the school’s Five Year Strategic Plan.

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