Sophie Murphy
Position Educational Coach
Organisation University of Melbourne
Location Ashburton, VIC

Sophie Murphy is currently doing her PhD at the University of Melbourne; she is an educational leader with a passion and determination to translate essential educational research to educational settings. Sophie is a highly experienced Kinder-Year 12 teacher and educational leader. She has taught and held leadership positions in both Primary and Secondary settings in the public and private sector for over the past 15 years in the ACT and Victoria.  She completed a Bachelor of Education at Canberra University in 2000, a Masters by Research at the University of Melbourne with Professor John Hattie as her supervisor, graduating in 2015 and is currently continuing her research with Professor John Hattie as a full-time PhD candidate.

Sophie is part of the SLRC (Science of Learning and Research Centre) at the University of Melbourne. Sophie’s PhD research focus is on effective classroom talk and questioning, with a specific focus on student voice in the classroom.  Sophie is analysing of the structure, content, and function of student voice through student experiences in the Interactive Classroom at the University of Melbourne. Sophie is hoping to contribute valuable insights as a forward thinking, relevant and responsive educator into the private world of student voice and classroom discourse at a micro analytic level to increase our understanding of the nature of student’s discourse and its contribution to learning and the growth and development of all students. 

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