Christine Grice
Position Doctoral Candidate/Teacher Educator/Middle Leader
Organisation The University of Sydney/St Catherine's School Waverley
Location The University of Sydney, NSW

Christine Grice has held educational leadership positions in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions in Australia, and in the United Kingdom, spanning a twenty-year career in education. Her doctoral work at The University of Sydney is heavily informed by her leadership experience. Her research focuses on change and reform in Educational leadership. Christine’s ‘new voice’ contributes to the body of educational leadership research by exploring teacher professional learning about pedagogical change and trust, highlighting practical applications for school principals, middle leaders, and teacher leaders.

Christine has worked for five years in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at The University of Sydney School of Education and Social Work. She concurrently coordinated an on-line Master of Teaching program at Excelsia College. As an experienced curriculum writer, Christine is a consultant for the Anglican Education Commission. She currently holds a middle leadership position at St Catherine’s School, Waverley.

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