Ian O. Williamson is the Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Business School at Victoria University, Wellington (New Zealand).

He served on the faculties of the Melbourne Business School (Australia), Rutgers Business School (USA), the Zurich Institute of Business Education (Switzerland), the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia).

Prof. Williamson’s is a globally recognized expert in the area of human resource management. His research examines the impact of “talent pipelines” on organizational and community outcomes. His research focuses on how human and social capital influences firm operational and financial outcomes, talent management in the context of new ventures and growth-oriented firms, the role of human resource practices in driving firm innovation and the impact of social issues on firm outcomes.

Williamson has worked with executives in over 20 countries helping organisations in the areas of strategic human resource management, managing organizational innovation, employee recruitment and retention, and executive coaching for organizations such as Accenture, ANZ, Australian Council for Educational Leaders, Bunnings, BHP Billiton, Clemenger, CSR, Etihad Airlines, Fletcher Buildings, Kiwi Bank, Pacific Brands, Price Waterhouse Coopers, NAB, Nestle, News Corp, Petronas, Sensis, Sussan Group, The Royal Women’s Hospital, Vision Australia and Urbis.

COVID-19: From Survival to Thriving

COVID-19 currently represents the most pressing issue for just about every organisation around the world. In no sector is this more true than in the education sector. Education leaders currently must make decisions on how to best lead their organisations through this crisis while balancing educational needs with health and safety concerns, community expectations and financial pressures. However, the impact of COVID-19 is likely to be long lasting and will fundamentally change the expectations and needs of students and communities. Thus, leaders must not only ensure their organisations survive this immediate challenge, they must also consider how to best prepare their organisations for a future environment that will be very different than their past environment. In this talk Dr. Ian Williamson will share insights on how leaders can best manage the transition from survival to thriving in the COVID-19 era. This will include considering how COVID-19 will impact the expectations for stakeholders and what types of new investments leaders must make to ensure their organisations have the capabilities needed in this new world.

We Need to Talk

A Straight-Talking Guide to Raising Resilient Teens

How do you talk to your teen when their only focus is the screen in front of them? How do you help them to build relationships when their only connections are to Wi-Fi and 4G? Because healthy relationships are key to good mental health, and at a time when mental health issues amongst adolescents are increasing at an unforeseen rate, helping them to build and sustain these relationships has never been more important.