Maximising Learning and Impact
Influences that matter the most to Student Learning

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The Symposium has been designed for school leaders and teachers who are seeking to embed the latest research into how to further understand, evaluate and maximise impact on learning. Key questions that underpin the day include, What are the characteristics of a culture of impact? How do you define 'impact' in your school? In what ways do you know, understand and maximise it?  How do you know that you are having a positive impact on all of your learners? What are the influences that research identifies has a considerable impact on developing the skill, will and thrill of learning?

If your goal is to understand how to further maximise the impact you are having on student learning, this Symposium is for you. Designed for school leaders and teachers, this day is about:

  • Developing a culture of impact
  • The characteristics and actions of educators who are evaluators
  • The importance of developing the skill, will and thrill of learners and learning
  • The latest research on instructional strategies that considerably accelerate student learning
  • Practices you can implement to know, understand and maximise your impact.

You will be immersed in the latest key messages from the research that identify the importance of ensuring we focus our time, energy and resources on those areas that have been identified as having a considerable impact on student learning.

Foundation Day
The Foundation day seminar supports participants to identify what has the greatest impact on student achievement and develops capacity to understand the key messages of the Visible Learning research. This research makes us stop and think about the vast amount we already do know and take stock about what really does make the difference to student learning. The seminar provides practical activities and take-away tools.

Visible Learning will contribute 6 hours of New South Wales Education Standards Authority Registered PD addressing 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. This workshop endorsement is through Corwin Press Australia Pty Ltd.


Maximising Impact (John Hattie and Sam Rodgers)

Welcome to this Visible Learningplus seminar about Maximising Impact. We are delighted to be able to work with you, talking about influences that maximise our impact on student learning. We will be focusing on the ‘skill, will and thrill’ of learning using the DIiE model to frame our discussions.

We will start by considering what we mean by ‘impact’ and then what the latest research has to say about the skill, will and thrill of learning. Our sessions will then be based on the DIiE model as follows:

  • Diagnosis: We can maximise learning through cycles of impact using various assessment strategies
  • Intervention: We have a toolbox of interventions and strategies, knowing which to apply based on our diagnosis of student needs
  • Implementation: We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the practices required to implement strategies effectively
  • Evaluation: We use the skills required, as well as multiple methods or tools, to evaluate progress and collaboratively debate the magnitude of our impact

Foundation Day

The Foundation Day is run by a team of Visible Learningplus certified consultants. John Hattie will be presenting Maximising Impact day only.

The Visible Learning research makes us stop and think about the vast amount we already do know and take stock about what really does make the difference to student learning.

Today we will start with an overview of the Visible Learning research and then focus on four key strands that affect student learning:

  • The Visible learner: What attributes and skills visible learners possess
  • Know Thy Impact: Ways to demonstrate the progress of your students
  • Inspired and Passionate Teachers: characteristics and behaviours of effective teachers
  • Feedback: the role of feedback and its potential impact on learning

We will finish the day by reflecting on teacher mindframes.

Maximising Impact Symposium: Agenda

8.45 - 10.30
Intro: Framing our Learning : Impact
1. Developing the skill, will and thrill of learning to maximise impact

10.30 -11.00
Morning Tea

11.00 -1.00
2. The DIiE model: Diagnose
3. The DIiE model: Intervene

1.00 - 1.45
Lunch Break

1.45 - 3.30
4. The DIiE model: Implement
5. The DIiE model: Evaluate

Foundation Day: Agenda

8.45 - 10.30
1. Introduction
2. Research

10.30 -11.00 - Morning Tea

11.00 -12.40
3. The Visible Learner
4. Know Thy Impact
5. Inspired and Passionate Teachers

12.40 - 1.25
Lunch Break

1.25 - 3.30
6. Inspired and Passionate Teachers - continued
7. Effective Feedback
8. Mindframes


In 2008, Professor John Hattie published Visible Learning, a synthesis of more than 800 meta-studies covering more than 80 million students. The book revealed what education variables have the biggest impact on learning and created a new mindset that has swept up educators around the world.

Visible Learning means that students know what they need to learn, how to learn it, and how to evaluate their own progress. Using the Visible Learning approach, teachers become evaluators of their own impact on student learning. The combination causes students to drive their own learning. Since 2008, Professor Hattie has teamed with highly influential educators to expand the Visible Learning canon with books, including Visible Learning into Action, Visible Learning for Teachers, Visible Learning for Mathematics and Visible Learning for Literacy.

Visible Learningplus is the model of professional learning that takes the theory of Hattie’s research and puts it into a practical inquiry model for teachers and school leaders to ask questions of themselves about the impact they are having on student achievement. Visible Learningplus is a result of the collaboration between Professor John Hattie and Corwin with the aim to help educators translate the Visible Learning research. Through a global network of partners, Visible Learningplus professional learning is implemented in over 20 countries in North America, Europe, and the Pacific.


Sam Rodgers is currently an education consultant with Corwin Australia. With extensive experience in both local and international schools, Sam has most recently been the Learning and Teaching Adviser for the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong. There, she supported teachers and leaders implementing Visible Learning in their schools and developed professional learning for teachers on pedagogy, leadership and wellbeing.

In her current role, Sam supports schools across the country who are putting Visible Learning theory into practice. Sam facilitates teacher workshops, collaborates with leadership teams and undertakes school reviews. Sam is also a Visible Learning for Literacy accredited facilitator, with background in language and literacy. Sam is deeply committed in partnering with educators to help build effective teaching to ensure ALL learners are learning.


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Symposium: $480
Foundation Day: $360
Combine & Save (Full): $950
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Darwin NT
Monday 18th November 2019 (Symposium)
Tuesday 19th November 2019 (Foundation Day)
Time: 9am - 4pm
Venue: Double Tree by Hilton
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