How Students Learn –
Improving how students approach learning



Professor John Hattie and the Visible Learningplus team know about the learning strategies that have the greatest impact on learners – they know what works! – from attending this symposium you will be able to use the evidence from Professor Hattie’s most recent research to plan effective learning in your classroom.

There is a science to learning and we are finding out more and more about what works best to support the learning processes that make a difference for your learners. During the symposium you will hear about how learning strategies can be used to maximize impact so that learners develop the skill, the will and the thrill of learning! You will engage in the hands on activities and learn first-hand about your learning processes and those of your learners – as the puzzle of learning is revealed throughout the day.



Participants will gain a deeper understanding of learning strategies.

You will:

  • Learn about the most impactful learning strategies and how they can unlock learning
  • Find out about the ways you learn, so you can see learning through the eyes of your students
  • Have a toolkit of effective learning strategies for your classroom and your own learning


Symposium Overview

During this day together John and the Visible Learningplus team will introduce you to the latest research with some novel and practical examples of how learning happens – hands on activities, video clips and stuff that will confuse your brain – once you know what works you will see the challenges that your own learners have as they process information and develop skills in your classroom. With this insight you will develop your own way of seeing learning through the eyes of students – you will go into the learning pit – just like your students do every day in your classrooms.


Symposium Program

Topics and activities will include

  • Understanding your own learning processes – it’s harder than you think!
  • Learning from the research – what does the latest research tell us about learning?
  • Surface and deep learning – what are the strategies for surface level learning and what strategies work best for deeper
  • Motivation for learning – how to activate performance and master motivation
  • Using success criteria as motivation for learning – It’s time to check in on developing the best success criteria for learning
  • Developing 21st century skills – we better get a move on - its 2017 already!
  • A learning heat map – time to look at the top learning strategies and how you can find the hot spots in your class
  • Transferring our strategies – is it possible and how can we do it?


Who should enrol in “How Students Learn”?

Leadership Teams, teams of teachers and individuals who want to:

  • Know about the latest evidence about what works best in our classrooms
  • Learn about the strategies that will ensure maximum impact on student learning
  • Be able to apply the strategies and have practical tools to do that
  • Challenge their current thinking and learn more about their own learning processes
  • Know where the learning hot spots are in their classrooms so they can build a learning profile for all learners
  • Build effective learning profiles and build the knowledge about learning in their schools