ACEL ACT Awards: History

ACEL Growing in Leadership Award

2018  Lucy Cronan
Meghan Adamson, Margaret Wigley

ACEL Leadership Award

This award is presented each year to an educator or group of educators who have demonstrated excellent leadership in implementing an educational initiative, conducting research and/or influencing educational policy leading to improved educational outcomes for students in any educational setting. The award is aimed at all levels of leadership be it classroom, faculty, school, tertiary, system or consultancy.

Tim Elliott
Deb Lee
Kath Morwitch
Sharyn Quirk
Hiria Reppion
Alisha Tooma
Christine Ward


Anne Armstrong
Colleen Caddy-Murphy
Manette Johnson
Peter Kent
Crystal Mahon
Rachel Matthews
Clare Fletcher and Maria O’Donnell
Therese O’Sullivan
Jillian Shaw
Emmanuel Texier

ACEL ACT Fellowship Award

2018  Chris Jones, Michele McLoughlin

Previous Leadership Awards

Alex Galland Bec Smith Belinda Reitstatter
Catherine Dillon Graeme Wiggins Judith Hamilton
Jason Walmsley Julie Rasmus Karlena Clarke
Lee Dwyer Penny Mims  

Early Career Teacher Leadership

Alex Thompson Lindsay Janet Reid Meg Evans
Rachel Blencowe    

ACT Awardee List 2014

Eleanor McMillan Ian Blackwell Eileen Currie
Joan Harmer Sue Donoghue Sarah Dunn
Megan Taylor Helen Uren-Randall Ian Garrity
Brad Cooney Jennifer Howard Martin Hine
Brendan Briggs Dave Tonna