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Picture of the product1-to-1 at Home
1-to-1 at Home: A Parent's Guide to School-Issued Laptops and Tablets
Author: Jason Brand
The media and technologies children love and use avidly every day at home need to be available in school – not just for greater engagement in the classroom (though that is likely to happen), but also so children can learn how to function effectively in the workplaces and communities of a digital age. They need the opportunities to practise the citizenship and literacies of digital environments as part of their F–12 education: they need schools outfitted with digital media and technologies. Managing the digital gadgets, gizmos and games that kids already own is often a challenge, and many parents find that a school-issued 1-to-1 device further disrupts an area in which there are already conflicts. 1-to-1 devices blur the lines between school and home, between work and play, between tool and toy. Many parents could use some help in setting boundaries. Topics discussed in 1-to-1 at Home include parental control, filtering and monitoring software; downloading media; video sites; social networks video games; video, voice and text chatting; and ergonomics and sleep. Written from the perspective of a family therapist who works to help families get to the heart of complicated matters, this guidebook addresses the home side of 1-to-1 programs. 1-to-1 at Home: A Parent’s Guide to School-Issued Laptops and Tablets provides the perspectives of other adults – educators and parents – who have addressed similar challenges.

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Picture of the product1:1 Roadmap: Setting the Course for Innovation in Education
Author: Andrew P Marcinek
We communicate and glean information through various mobile devices on a daily basis. The way in which we communicate has changed and will continue to change. One of the biggest challenges is the pace at which we can educate students on effective, responsible use of these new and emerging technologies. This book explores how schools how can integrate and teach courses on digital citizenship and also:

- Prepare students to use personal mobile devices, social media, and emerging technologies within, and beyond compulsory school
- Foster the implementation of 1:1 programs
- Educate students to use social media, personal mobile devices, and emerging technologies effectively to promote their talents - Empower the student voice through social media, blogging, and digital wellness
- Educate administration, faculty, parents, and students
- Model good citizenship for students
- Understand the digital dossier
- Keep up with emerging technologies, social media, open source web sites, and personal mobile devices

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Picture of the product50 Quick & Easy: Computer Activities for Kids, 2nd Edition

Author: Tammy Worcester

Enliven, enhance and update your lessons by integrating the resources and tools found on the Internet and on the classroom computer with 50 Quick & Easy - Computer Activities for Kids, 2nd Edition.

Teachers should always be looking for new and exciting ways to use the computer in classroom, and Computer Activities for Kids is packed full of clever ideas. This resource contains 50 quick and easy-to-create projects that integrate technology into all areas of the P–6 curriculum. All the activities in 50 Quick & Easy – Computer Activites for Kids, 2nd Edition encourage higher-level thinking and incorporate multiple intelligences.

The 50 Quick & Easy series works on Windows operating systems, using Microsoft Office 2007 and up. CD-ROM includes web resources and example files from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Kid Pix, Inspiration and Kidspiration.

The 50 Quick & Easy series is perfect for the P–8 classroom teacher who wants to engage their students using computer activities. With a corresponding resource for every subject, these books are the perfect tool for getting students excited about their classwork and using computers.

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Picture of the product50 Ways to Use Technology Enhanced Learning in the Classroom
50 Ways to Use Technology Enhanced Learning in the Classroom: Practical strategies for teaching

by Peter Atherton

This is a practical guide to the use of technology enhanced learning (TEL) in the classroom.

Introducing 50 ways to use technology for learning. Areas covered include: - Gamified learning - Social media - Video streaming - The flipped classroom - Instant feedback tools - And many more.

Guidance on how to use these technologies for learning is complemented by an exploration of their impact on learning. For each example, the opportunities for evidencing progress are evaluated.

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Picture of the productA Brief History of the Future of Education
A Brief History of the Future of Education ;
Learning in the Age of Disruption

Ian Jukes, Ryan L. Schaaf

The Future Tense of Teaching in the Digital Age

The digital environment has radically changed how and what students need and want to learn, but has educational delivery radically changed? Get ready to be challenged to accommodate today’s learners as opposed to allowing default classroom practices. With its touches of humor and choose-your-own-adventure approach, the book encourages readers to search for interesting, relevant or required material and then jump right in.

At its core, readers will:

* Consider predictions about future learning.
* Understand how to leverage nine core learning attributes of digital generations.
* Discover ten critical roles educators can embrace to remain relevant in the digital age.

192 Pages | Pbk

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Picture of the productA Constructivist Approach to the National Educational Techno
A Constructivist Approach to the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers

Author - V. N. Morphew

Preservice and prospective teachers need to be ready to use technology when they enter the classroom. V. N. Morphew has written A Constructivist Approach to the NETS•T to help these future educators be able to effectively integrate technology in learning and teaching. Each chapter addresses one of ISTE’s digital age standards for teachers through a constructivist lens. Practicing teachers of all experience levels will also benefit from this valuable resource.


Each chapter examines one digital age standard from a constructivist viewpoint; explorations provide assignment ideas and are based on research that represents best practices, are practical, and can be easily incorporated into the classroom

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Picture of the productA Parent's Guide to Online Safety
Author: Marje Monroe & Doug Fodeman
Try to keep up with today’s technology can be overwhelming. You probably feel like you’ll never understand the technology your child is using, especially when it seems to change every six months. The MySpace of yesterday becomes the Facebook of today. Children and teens love to explore new online gadgets, gimmicks, games and websites, and they often discover new and unexpected uses of these technologies. What’s a parent to do? Take a deep breath! Yes, the technology keeps changing, but the kids themselves stay pretty much the same. Much of what they do is not about the technology they are using. It’s about seeking attention, forming and sustaining relationships, taking risks and having fun. Parents have been dealing with these behaviours for centuries. Chapter topics include How Old Is Old Enough?; Important Conversations; Online Bullying; Kids, Privacy and Technology; Online Gaming; Social Networks Mobile Phones and Smartphones; and Teaching Your Child to Be Savvy. This revised Australian edition of A Parent’s Guide to Online Safety will help you identify the digital citizenship topics all parents should be aware of while providing advice on setting limits for your child.

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Picture of the productAssistive Technology
Author - Emily Bouck

Assistive Technology by Emily C. Bouck presents a succinct, but comprehensive overview to assistive technology for students with disabilities. The book covers the range of disabilities from high-incidence or mild to low-incidence or severe disabilities as well as the range of ages from early childhood special education to transition and post-school life. In addition, this textbook utilizes the TPACK perspective - Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) - a framework that identifies the knowledge teachers need to teach effectively with technology. This framework emphasizes the consideration of the value of technology in light of pedagogy and curriculum as well as perspective repurposing - which involves taking everyday technology and using it for the additional purposes of assistive technology.

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Picture of the productAward Winning Digital Storytelling Projects
Author: Arnie Abrams

It’s been said that everyone has a story to tell, and the shared experience of storytelling can bring people together. Digital storytelling gives students the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and use their imaginations.

This revised Australian edition of Award Winning Digital Storytelling Projects assists Year 2–10 students in the creation of effective digital storytelling and provides support to teachers during the implementation process.

This book offers practical ideas on how to apply digital storytelling in schools, with worksheets and lesson plans to accompany each story template. These templates are available as downloadable resources, along with folders of images, music and sound effects to get students started on their projects.

Story templates are provided to get students started on the writing process and cover a wide range of year levels, curriculum learning areas and writing styles. Stories can be built using video or slideshow software, such as iMovie, PowerPoint and Corel VideoStudio.

Award Winning Digital Storytelling Projects links with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) general capability, and also has strong correlations to The Australian Curriculum: Media Arts. Digital storytelling is also relevant to learning areas of the Australian Curriculum such as English, history and geography, which call for students to demonstrate their understanding of a topic using digital technology.

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Picture of the productBig Data, Small Devices
Big Data, Small Devices: Investigating the Natural World Using Real-Time Data

by Eric Brunsell, Michael Bowen, Donna Governor

Given the number of students with smartphones and tablets, it only makes sense for them to take advantage of the many websites and free apps that can teach them about the natural world. Big Data, Small Devices is designed for Earth and environmental science teachers who want to help students tap into, organize, and deploy real-time data sets. Students can learn to use their devices to detect patterns among phenomena related to the atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and celestial sphere.

Written by veteran teachers, Big Data, Small Devices will help you understand both the technology you need and the ways to use it in classes at all levels, from elementary school through high school. The authors give tools, tips, and tricks for finding real-time activities that showcase specific data, as well as the websites and apps that provide them. You can use the activities as written, adapt them to your specific needs, or use them as inspiration for creating your own.

Big Data, Small Devices is a one-of-a-kind book for developing investigations with any data accessible online. It also helps you bring learning opportunities for your students as close to them as their personal technology devices.

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