Smarter Teacher Leadership

Smarter Teacher Leadership: Neuroscience and the Power of Purposeful Collaboration

Authors - Marcus Conyers and Donna Wilson

This pioneering book shares a fresh vision for school leadership that connects current knowledge from mind, brain and adult learning research to the process of teacher development and leadership. The authors provide clear steps to enable and inspire teachers to embrace leadership and collaboration opportunities for improving instruction and student outcomes, and increasing professional satisfaction. To demonstrate the broad array of leadership pathways, a flexible “spectrum of teacher leadership” suggests the myriad ways for teachers to contribute to their school and community beyond their classrooms. This spectrum is illustrated with real-life examples of teacher leadership in practice. Smarter Teacher Leadership will guide teachers to bridge what has been discovered about the brain and how metacognitive, cognitive and affective skills support learning, teaching and leading to stimulate collaboration with colleagues and advocacy with administrators, parents and the wider community.

Book Features:

An original framework for analysing and improving educational systems.
A central focus on leveraging “purposeful collaboration” of teachers, teacher leaders and administrators.
Examination of an effective graduate program for developing teacher leaders, including lessons learned.
Practical strategies and vignettes of teacher leadership in practice.

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ISBN: 9781760014179
No of Pages: 138
Publish Date: 07 June 2017
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