Barbara Blackburn Rigor 2 Pack

Barbara Blackburn Rigor 2 Pack :
Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom + Rigor and Differentiation in the Classroom

Barbara Blackburn

Exclusive 2 Pack Featuring Dr Blackburn's best selling titles "Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom" and "Rigor and Differentiation in the Classroom".

Available for a Strictly Limited Time

Rigor and Differentiation in the Classroom

Learn how to differentiate instruction while maintaining a rigorous learning environment. In this practical book, rigor expert Barbara R. Blackburn shows that the differentiated classroom doesn’t mean extra work for top students and easy work for others; instead, you can have high expectations for all students and provide scaffolding so that everyone can reach success. She also addresses many of the greatest concerns teachers have about implementing differentiated instruction, including:

* How to manage your time so that you can create lessons, find resources, and grade assignments for students working at different levels;
* How to balance differentiated instruction and teaching standards;
* How to ensure rigor at all tiers of instruction;
* How to collaborate with teachers and other faculty members;
* How to differentiate homework and other out-of-class assignments;
* How to explain differentiated instruction to parents and families;
* And more…

Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom

Learn how to assess students in a way that truly impacts learning. In Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom, bestselling author Barbara R. Blackburn provides a broad range of practical strategies for increasing the rigor and usefulness of your formative and summative assessments. You’ll discover how to…

* Create an environment where students are expected to learn at high levels;
* Evaluate and check student learning in a way that ensures growth;
* Strengthen the validity and reliability of your assessments;
* Plan assessments in conjunction with planning the instruction;
* Differentiate assessments to increase the rigor for all students;
* Enhance the effectiveness of your grading system and feedback;
* Use performance-based assessment to enhance rigor; and
* Design clear, reader-friendly rubrics and scoring guides.

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