The Devil is in the Details

The Devil Is in the Details :
System Solutions for Equity, Excellence, and Student Wellbeing

Michael Fullan, Mary Jean Gallagher

Develop equity, excellence, and wellbeing across the whole system!

Our world needs a transformation to survive. We need a moral imperative and a system transformation to survive for the better. The Devil is in the Details shows how we can re-think the education system and its three levels of leadership?local, middle, and top?so that each level can contribute to dramatic transformation whether individually or collectively. The focus is on examining details to ensure correct actions are taken, rather than assuming large pronouncements will drive change.

Readers will find:

* Detailed cases and analyses of successful systems
* Ideas for how leaders at all levels can take steps to begin
* Actions and strategies for addressing equity, excellence and wellbeing

Industry Reviews

A powerhouse of a book that challenges conventional wisdom about system change in all its forms and guises. Fullan and Gallagher call upon all levels in the system to work collectively to 'let the light in' so that there is a new moral imperative shaping the future of education and humanity.

-- Alma Harris, Professor

By taking both bird's eye and ground-level view of systemic change, Michael Fullan and Mary Jean Gallagher offer trenchant insights into why a relentless torrent of top-down policies have failed to transform education systems and why countless grassroots, transformative solutions have failed to take root and spread across the system. Drawing upon research and real-world experiences, Fullan and Gallagher show us a way forward, one that encourages leaders at all levels of the system to start with the details?small moves that can transform students’ daily learning experiences?and build improvement plans and education policies up from there. Anyone who shares Fullan and Gallagher’s sense of urgency for providing students with opportunities for deeper learning would do well to read and apply the lessons from this book.
-- Bryan Goodwin, President and CEO of McREL International and author of Building a Curious School: Restore the Joy That Brought You to School

Published: 26th March 2020
ISBN: 9781544317977
Number Of Pages: 216
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