Reaching the Heart of Leadership

Reaching the Heart of Leadership: Lessons Learned, Insights Gained, Actions Taken

by Avis Glaze

This book is about the wise application of power and influence and the need to accentuate and strengthen the bonds of trust that we must forge as leaders. It highlights the need to avoid certainty and, instead, ignite intellectual curiosity, flexibility and empathy – qualities that are essential in a world that models and prepares students to be global citizens who think critically, feel passionately, and behave ethically.

Reaching the Heart of Educational Leadership reflects on, and identifies, key leadership lessons learned over a lifetime by an educator who seeks to shift the focus from educating minds to educating hearts, emphasizing the role of affect in interpersonal relationships.

The book discusses the importance of these dynamics in a culture that has become increasingly concerned about the outcomes achieved during one’s leadership tenure –one in which leadership actions and the question of who benefits from our leadership must speak decidedly louder than the pronouncements we make.

The author encourages those who work closest to students to trust their inner radar and not lose their anchors, self-confidence or feelings of self-efficacy. Instead, they are encouraged to embrace idealism about human nature and potential. Qualities such as empathy, respect, genuineness, integrity and optimism are discussed as hallmarks of those who eschew cynicism and choose unbridled optimism in their daily work.

1. Reaching the Heart of Leadership
2. Leadership Then . . . and Now
3. Self-Knowledge and Awareness
4. High Expectations for Learning and Achievement
5. Holistic Education
6. Capacity Building for System, School and Professional Improvement
7. Determining Impact, Achieving Results, Recognizing Responsibilities
8. Conclusion: Reaching the Heart of Leadership: A Few Takeaways

Published: 29th August 2017
ISBN: 9781506325323
Number Of Pages: 160
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