Leading Collaborative Learning
Leading Collaborative Learning
Leading Collaborative Learning: Empowering Excellence
by Lyn Sharratt and Beate Planche

Leadership, collaborative learning, and student achievement - discover what works! Today's improving school systems require educators who intentionally collaborate and co-learn in service of students to get expected results. This resource-rich book from experts Sharratt and Planche is a straightforward, strategic path to achieving sustainable communities of deep learners. Research-proven inquiry techniques, vignettes, case studies and practical action-oriented protocols help you build strong learning relationships for high-impact student achievement.

System leaders, principals and teachers learn to:
- Integrate diverse views and perspectives
- Build trust and hear every voice
- Leverage key resources and processes
- Build students’ cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills
- Use “Assessments-in-Action” to improve, monitor and sustain progress
-Build a collaborative culture through learning together

Use this go-to guide to transform your school from a place of ‘good intentions’ to a center of intentional practice today!

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