The New Meaning of Educational Change

The New Meaning of Educational Change

Michael Fullan

The book that revolutionized the theory and practice of educational change is now in its Fifth Edition! Michael Fullan’s The New Meaning of Educational Change is the definitive textbook on the study of educational change. Based on practical and fundamental work with education systems in several countries, the text captured the dilemmas and leading ideas for successful large-scale systemic reform. This updated edition includes decision-makers at all levels—from the local school community to the state and national level—and introduces many new and powerful ideas for formulating strategies and implementing solutions that will improve educational systems.

Widely used by university professors, policymakers, and practitioners throughout North America and in many other countries, this perennial bestseller shows us how to:

Develop collaborative cultures at the school level, while avoiding superficial versions of professional learning communities.
Foster district-wide success in all schools, illustrating how state and national systems can achieve total system transformation based on identifying and fostering meaning for educators at every level.
Integrate individual and systemic success, a rare feat in today’s school reform efforts.
The New Meaning of Educational Change, Fifth Edition is your comprehensive textbook on all aspects of the management of educational change—a powerful resource for everyone involved in school reform

352 pages | Nov 2015Published: 25th November 2015
ISBN: 9781138641396
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