Liberating Learning

Liberating Learning :Educational Change as Social Movement

Santiago Rincón-Gallardo

This book is about three complementary ideas:
1) learning is a practice of freedom;
2) liberating learning in public education requires widespread cultural change in classrooms, schools, and entire education systems; and
3) social movements have been the most powerful vehicles for widespread cultural change, and in their logic of operation lie the keys to liberate learning.

Drawing on existing knowledge and new research on educational change, the author offers nine principles of action to liberate learning in schools and across entire educational systems. Topics discussed include learning, pedagogy, leadership, education policy, widespread cultural change, collective action, and whole system improvement. Written for educators and leaders interested in transforming teaching and learning in classrooms and schools, as well as for public intellectuals and people interested in widespread pedagogical change, the book articulates a new way to think about and pursue educational change.

Published: 7th March 2019
ISBN: 9781138491762
Number Of Pages: 124
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