Intentional Leadership for Effective Inclusion

Intentional Leadership for Effective Inclusion in Early Childhood Education and Care: Exploring Core Themes and Strategies

by Mary Moloney, Eucharia McCarthy

Intentional leadership can unite, motivate and empower all educators to work towards the common goal of creating a truly inclusive culture in which all children, with or without disabilities, are supported and enabled to fully participate in every aspect of daily life and learning.

This book recognises diverse manifestations of special educational needs, from communication difficulties and delays in learning, to social and physical disabilities, and considers the ways in which these needs might be embraced within inclusive mainstream settings. Key to this is robust and purposeful leadership that removes barriers to learning, changes existing attitudes and values, motivates staff and foregrounds holistic learning opportunities and experiences. Chapters draw on theoretical models, reflect on international and national policies, and consider topics including:

the image of the child

physical, aesthetic and temporal aspects of the learning environment

relational pedagogy

long-, medium- and short-term planning

the role of assessment

collaborative working with parents, families and other professionals.

In-depth descriptions of behaviours and leadership strategies, practice scenarios and activities support the reader’s understanding. Intentional Leadership for Effective Inclusion in Early Childhood Education and Care is a comprehensive guide for students, teachers and practitioners involved in Early Childhood Education and Care, Social Care and Early Intervention programmes.

Published: 4th May 2018
ISBN: 9781138092884
Number Of Pages: 186
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