Freedom to Change

Freedom to Change
Freedom to Change :
Four Strategies to Put Your Inner Drive into Overdrive

Author: Michael Fullan

Break free to make real change for yourself and others

Have you ever felt like your progress was being blocked, not just by your own circumstances, but by the presence and actions of others?Freedom to Change releases you from the trap of constantly telling yourself that you'd be more successful at teaching, leading, or contributing to an organization if only others didn't stand in your way. In his engaging, irreverent style, bestselling author Michael Fullan explores the two kinds of freedom in our daily lives: freedom from obstacles versus freedom to take initiative and act. Gaining freedom from barriers has no value in itself until it is partnered with an equally determined sense of what you truly want. What change would you like to bring about for yourself or those around you?

Given that human nature and productivity are fundamentally social, Fullan prescribes four dynamically interrelated actions we can take:

1] Consciously seeking a balance between our own autonomy and cooperation with others
2] Improving the feedback exchange-giving more valuable responses, as well as eliciting, hearing, and accepting feedback more effectively
3] Building accountability to others into the fabric of our working lives
4] Finding ways to influence others with the changes we've made and want to spread

Illustrated and enriched with examples from education, business, and nonprofit sectors,Freedom to Change offers recommendations for both individuals and organizations seeking to enhance connectedness and independence.

Published: 19th June 2015
ISBN: 9781119024361
Number Of Pages: 192
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