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ACEL’s Australian Educational Leader (AEL) publication, since 1979, is recognised nationally and internationally as a practical journal for the exchange of current research, trends, and innovations. It is proved to be a valuable resource for accessing and leading educational practice with contemporary techniques and contexts. This journal is fundamentally concerned with the improvement of leadership and management of daily practices in schools where it brings passionate practitioners to share their expertise and challenges as a collective unit. As a core concern for leaders today, the AEL provides insights into the changing school culture and the dynamics of the evolving teacher-student interactions. AEL’s platform also aims to encourage collegial discourse among teachers and leaders by promoting collaboration between schools, professional associations and university educators.

Published quarterly, the AEL steers itself as a forward thinking, relevant, and responsive agent of change and innovation by featuring topics that would assist teachers and leaders in school governance and Law, ICT management, teacher performance and quality, student-centred pedagogy, and many more. Each of these themes are both current and applicable to today’s practitioners.

Our readers are committed educational leaders who actively utilise AEL as an invaluable resource for inspiration and practical guidance. They are usually the decision makers in schools and associations; they also ensure that the teaching and learning environments entrusted to them will not only influence the students but also their lives. Thus, AEL acts as an important link in this educational cycle.

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