The Australian Council for Educational Leaders presents the Monograph series.

Monograph is ACEL’s bi-annual publication dedicated to contributing to current discussion and topics of importance to educational leaders.

In engaging these important topics and conversations ACEL invites esteemed local and global leaders to author each Monograph. Recent issues have been authored by Professor John Hattie, Professor David Hopkins, Tom Bentley and Dr Peter Hill.

We invite our members and visitors to read our current and past issues of Monograph and be part of the conversation in educational leadership.

Monograph Past Issues:

Monograph 56

The William Walker Oration ‘The Past, Present and Future of School Improvement and System Reform’
Professor David Hopkins

Monograph 57

The responsibility to lead:
Education at a global crossroads
Tom Bentley

Monograph 58

Implementing, scaling up, and valuing expertise to develop worthwhile outcomes in schools
John Hattie