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Message from the Acting Branch President, Mathilda Joubert


One of our WA ACEL Fellows, Ray Boyd, recently reminded me of the importance of the African principle of Ubuntu: I am because we are. Nelson Mandela explained that in the spirit of Ubuntu “we are human only through the humanity of others”. We can only be fully human in relationship with others.

As educational leaders we always have to manage the tightrope between managing results and managing relationships – and ensuring that we bring humanity into both sides of this coin. We will be exploring the tensions, challenges and joys of managing these dynamics in our next few WA Branch events.

are delighted that Tracey Ezard, author of “Ferocious Warmth: School leaders who inspire and transform” will be joining us (virtually from Melbourne) for part of our next Educational Leadership Book Club in Perth during the October holidays. Adam Voigt, CEO and Founder of Real Schools describes Ferocious Warmth as a book that gives permission “to be more human and more just in our leadership” as we balance leading with our heads and our hearts. Please join us for this free event on Thursday the 7th of October (10am – 12pm) with lunch afterwards, hosted at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Perth. Further details to book a place at this event – and a link to order yourself a copy of the book – can be found here. Everyone is welcome. Even if you have not had time to read the book, come along for the collegial conversations and to hear Tracey speak to us about the themes in her book.

Our next event, on Wednesday the 20th of October (5pm – 7pm), will explore the human elements of Fostering Student Self-regulation in the Classroom. Merrilee Wright, one of our ACEL WA Executive Board members, is a past President of the Western Australian Education Support Principals and Administrator's Association (WAESPAA), previous Director, Public School Review, Principal of Malibu School and proud mother of a daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Inspired by her daughter, Merrilee developed a holistic framework to foster learner self-regulation in the classroom that has since been embedded in mainstream primary and secondary schools as well as special needs contexts. Come and join us to discover more about this adaptable visual Framework promoting communication and self-regulation, how it differs from existing self-regulation and behaviour management models, how it will strengthen or compliment models already in place and how it can be implemented and personalised to meet the unique needs of each learner relevant to all ages at home and / or at school. Book your spot to this free event here.

I also want to encourage WA members to book your spot for the ACEL Online Conference: Leading Excellence through Equity. The conference will run from the 29th – 30th of September and there is an exciting line-up of speakers, including Pasi Sahlberg, Michael Fullan, Yong Zhao, Donna Cross, Pak Tee Ng and Tracey Ezard. For further information about the conference Click here.

Finally, I want to thank all the contributors to our recent Hot Topic discussion on Educational Leadership Journeys:

  • Fiona Johnston, Principal, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
  • Ray Boyd, Principal, West Beechboro Primary School
  • Mandy Connor, Director of Teaching and Learning, Catholic Education Western Australia
  • Brad Gill, Head of Middle School, Scotch College
  • Wayne Bull, Deputy Executive Director, Catholic Education Western Australia
  • Joanne Willesee, Principal, Hammond Park Secondary College
  • Gary Racey, ACEL WA

Thank you for your time, your wisdom, your insight and sharing your passion and humanity. Contributing to the wider educational leadership community certainly helps us all to become more human. I am because we are.

“Being human is given, but keeping our humanity is a choice” (Anonymous).

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