Election of Branch Executive – 2020

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Friday 8th May - Nominations Open
Friday 5th June - Nominations Close
Wednesday 10th June - Online Voting Open
Friday 19th June - Online Voting Close
Friday 26th June - Announcement of Elected Executives

The election process for branch committees in all states and territories is now complete. It is a mark of ACEL’s growing reach and significance that there was great interest in the branch executive positions this year. It also reinforces our belief that educators are keen to ‘give back’ to their colleagues and wider education sector and make a contribution.

On behalf of the President and Board of ACEL, we would like to congratulate the successful branch executives in each state/territory – their names are listed below. Their formal term begins on October 1, 2020 and they will thereafter serve on the branch executive committees of ACEL branches for a term of three years ending on September 30, 2023.

ACEL is the largest professional association of its kind, in Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region. We work hard to fulfil our purpose: ‘To shape the practice and contribute to the growth of educational leadership.’ Over the past few years, our branches have played a stellar role in elevating our presence and reputation. I know our newly minted branch executives are looking forward to making a unique contribution to ACEL and serving the wider education community in the coming years!

Kind Regards,

Aasha Murthy


Tom Kobal
Lachlan Ellis
Angus Tulley
Tabatha Kellett
Melissa Planten
Anna Owen
Stacey Griffiths
Peter Usher
Kirk Zwangobani
Kerrie Blain
Michele McLoughlin
Sandra Darley

Brad Russell
Kirsten Claire Macaulay
Andrea Stringer
Sue Bryen
Joanne Jarvis
Gregory B Whitby
Suzanne Fern
Tony Bracken
Kristen Joy Murray
Kylie Lipscombe
Rhonda Kaidbay
Michael Bezzina

Regina Thompson
Geoffrey Perry
Shane Donohue
Julia Walsh
Aderyn Chatterton
Jo Glennon
Louise Corrigan

Lee Catterall
Elizabeth Benson
John O'Sullivan Williams
Tameika Grist
Karen Fox
Bruce Addison
Norman Hunter
Racquel Gibbons
Tracey lee Cook
Alexander Mason
Sandra Nissen
Elizabeth Foster

Bev Rogers
Warren Symonds
Mark Simpson
Irene Scriven
Martyn Anderson
Robert Sieben
Barb Jenkins
Scott Dirix
Christine Anne Haynes

Christopher Rayner
Stephen Barratt
Deb Day
Cath Apanah
James Seddon
Jacqui Lawless
Malcolm Elliott
Susan Walker

Karen Julia Money
Jane Wilkinson
Toni Meath
Fiona Hutton
David Gurr
Sue Buckley
Melissa Etherton
Lauren Cook
Gail Major
Lawrence George Drysdale
Simon Kent
Coralee Pratt

Rachael Lehr
Mathilda Joubert
Olivia Matthews
Gary Racey
Bruno Pileggi
Natalie Oddy
Leonie Clelland
Merrilee Wright
Sinan Kerimofski
Rebecca Duyckers