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Collaborative Teams That Work
The Definitive Guide to Cycles of Learning in a PLC

By: Colin Sloper, Gavin Grift

The PLC at Work® model helps teachers around the world produce better outcomes for their students. But when it comes to putting theory into practice, many find themselves unsure of what to do in collaborative team meetings and how it all translates to the classroom.

With Collaborative teams that work, experienced teachers and... Details
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Securing Learning Success: Improving Student Outcomes Series, Volume One

Author - Gavin Grift

More than any other time in education, schools are being asked to address the challenges of ensuring we leave no students behind in their pursuit for success - regardless of their background, previous achievements and dispositions. Sometimes the challenge in seeking resource support in schools is not a shortage of information but knowing which information is most... Details
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Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work, Revised Third Edition

Mike Mattos, Gavin Grift, Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Robert Eaker, Thomas Many, Colin Sloper

Rewritten for an Australian context, this revised version of Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work®, Third Edition is the best-selling guide for action that helps educators close the knowing–doing gap as they... Details
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Five Ways of Being
What Learning Leaders Think, Do and Say Every Day

By: Jane Danvers, Heather De Blasio, Gavin Grift

Leadership is traditionally viewed as a competency-based skill. It is seen as something that people do rather than something they embody. This book challenges that narrative: leadership is about being – it is about who we are, who we need to become and who we can become to enable the learning and growth of others.

Everyone... Details
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by Robert Garmston, Arthur Costa & Gavin Grift

Transformative Talk assists an aspirant Cognitive Coach in building their coaching capabilities. It draws upon each of the insights and experiences of Cognitive Coaching? training associates and agency trainers who are ‘walking the talk’ in their own lives and careers. Each chapter at varying degrees reflects personal journeys shared with the explicit intention to assist you in making connections to your own work and your... Details
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Teachers as Architects of Learning, 2nd Edition
Twelve Constructs to Design and Configure Successful Learning Experiences

By: Gavin Grift, Clare Major

The revised and updated second edition of the bestselling title, Teachers as Architects of Learning supports teachers to develop ideas, consider approaches and, in general, increase levels of consciousness about what they do, why they do it and how they might do it differently. The book enables... Details
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Transformative Collaboration :
Five Commitments for Leading a Professional Learning Community

Tonia Flanagan, Gavin Grift, Kylie Lipscombe, Colin Sioper, Janelle Wills, Alma Harris, Michelle Jones

You would be hard-pressed to find a team, school or system in education today that is not working to become more effective. From Robert Marzano and Michael Fullan to Dylan Wiliam, Michelle Jones and Alma Harris, there is consensus among the world's leading... Details
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Authors - Chris Weber, Tom Hierck, Garth Larson, Colin Sloper & Gavin Grift

The challenges faced when implementing school improvement efforts are complex. Sitting at the epicentre of these efforts is ensuring that all students learn at high levels. In this book, Collaborative Systems of Support, the authors provide schools, leaders and educators with the opportunity to address these challenges both practically and ethically.

Inspired by the promise of... Details