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TeamMakers : Positively Impacting the Lives of Children through
District-Wide Dreaming, Collaborating, and Change

Laura Robb, Evan Robb

Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

Dreams can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! In TeamMakers, experienced educators Laura Robb and Evan Robb invite you to reimagine what education could be and then collaborate to create something amazing.

TeamMakers invites all members of the... Details
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The Ten-Minute Principal :
Free Up Your Time to Focus on Leadership

Evan Robb

Rebuilding Your Day--How ten minutes can make the difference between ordinary and fantastic leadership

Build the foundations of effective leadership despite daily distractions. This book will help you intentionally improve your school but not overwhelm yourself and staff, using ten-minute opportunities to consider and execute your vision. Based on six pillars of... Details