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ACEL SA Hot Topic

ACEL SA Hot Topic

This presentation aims to improve staff knowledge around the dyslexic learner-profile, common misconceptions and associated strengths and weaknesses of dyslexic students. Teachers will be equipped with the latest research and evidence-based interventions to aid their dyslexic students, and will be presented with a variety of recommended  assistive technologies/accommodations to develop empowered, independent learners. All strategies presented have a strong practical application to the classroom and can be implemented immediately with low cost.

Reflecting on my own personal experiences as a dyslexic student, and the experiences of the 2000 students I have worked with, staff will have the opportunity to explore how mental wellbeing is affected in students with learning disabilities. Preventative/supportive wellbeing strategies will be discussed, as well as how to facilitate a learning environment in which neurodiversity is recognised and celebrated by all.

                                                                Speaker: Jemima Hutton - Founder and Keynote Speaker at Dyslexia Demystified

30/07/2020 5:00 PM - 30/07/2020 6:00 PM
Via Zoom SA