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Fireside Conversation with Prof Martin Westwell

Fireside Conversation with Prof Martin Westwell
       Guest Speaker – Martin Westwell  

The conversation will touch on our role as educators, outcomes for students and the capabilities students need to thrive in the future.

A number of national and international reports suggest education systems are getting it wrong, Martin would like to focus the conversation on the following:

  • What business are we in as educators?
  • As educational leaders what are we committing to?
  • How can students expect to be different after 13 years of schooling?

The workshop will also delve into the capabilities students need to thrive, the much anticipated development of Learner Profiles and the national Online Formative Assessment Initiative.

In joining the conversation you will have an opportunity to be ‘in on the story’ and offer some informal input into these national initiatives.

This is an evening not to be missed.

Martin is the Chief Executive of the SACE Board of South Australia. The curriculum and assessment authority whose stated purpose is to “Shape Education so that Students Thrive. The SACE Board serves students and educators in South Australia, the Northern Territory and schools in the SACE International program in China, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Pacific Islands.

Martin has worked extensively with education systems in using evidence to inform policy, practice, innovation and impact in education.

Martin has a number of other roles including Board member of Australian Council for Educational Leaders’ (ACEL), the Chair of the SA Department for Education’s Expert Advisory Panel, and member of the Clinical Advisory Council of the SA Commission for Excellence and Innovation in Health.

Building on his research career at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, Martin and his family moved to South Australia in 2007, where he took up an academic position at Flinders University.

Martin was a Chief Investigator in the national Science of Learning Research Centre, collaborating with classroom teachers to use principles from cognitive science in the development of pedagogical approaches and assessment practices. He was also one of only two recipients of a $1m education grant from the Australian Space Research Program, the precursor to the Australian Space Agency now based in Adelaide.

He has worked with UNESCO using evidence to inform strategic planning of education in the Asia-Pacific region and has been a member of the steering group of their research network.

In 2018, Martin received the prestigious Australian Council for Educational Leaders’ (ACEL) Gold Medal, awarded for the most outstanding contribution to the study and practice of educational administration and leadership.