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Leading School Transformation

Leading School Transformation
Leading School Transformation is a three-day program about changing and empowering schools through 4Cs pedagogy and professional practice. The 4Cs approach is responsive to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century by embedding creativity, collaboration, critical reflection and communication in learning, teaching and leadership. Transforming Schools: Creativity, Critical Reflection, Communication, Collaboration (2017), by Miranda Jefferson and Michael Anderson, details the theory, research and practical strategies behind the 4Cs approach. The 4Cs approach is dedicated to applying the most relevant research to support schools as they reinvent themselves to meet the emerging needs of students, staff and the community. The approach uses unique evidence-driven processes and products that have the potential to transform learning and schools. Leading School Transformation introduces tools, strategies and systems to begin the transformation process.

The three-day workshop will take place on the following days: 6th August, 7th August & 18th September
1/04/2020 9:00 AM - 1/04/2020 4:00 PM