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TAS Hot Topic: Educational Leader Well-Being

TAS Hot Topic: Educational Leader Well-Being

Guest Panel Members:
Iain Belot (Principal: Calvin Christian School)
Eamonn Pollard (Principal: Mackillop College)
Dr Libby Robinson (Principal: Kingston High School)

Discussion hosted by: Dr David Moltow

Too often the work of educational leaders is undermined by the well-being concerns of your own self and those around you. This ‘Hot Topic’ is aimed at facilitating a discussion about the challenges leaders face in managing issues of well-being in themselves and others.

We invite you to attend a discussion lead by three current educational leaders around their experiences, lessons learnt and potential advice around the vital issue of well-being and its impact on leaders at all levels.

1/08/2019 5:00 PM - 1/08/2019 6:15 PM
Professional Learning Institute 9 Timsbury Rd GLENORCHY TAS 7010