Frequently Asked Questions

Account questions:

Do I need to create an account with ACEL?
Existing and former Members, as well as returning customers, will already have an account with ACEL. If you have changed your workplace, please contact [email protected] to update your account logon and details.

New Members may need to create an account to interact with the ACEL website, including to purchase membership or download resources.

You can create or access your account page from the links at the top of the ACEL webpage. If your email address is already being used request your username here.

I’m a Member but don’t have my account details:
We automatically email your account details once we have your account set up. If you haven’t received it please check your spam mail and then email us at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can request your username or password on your account page.

Can I transfer a membership or user account?
Due to privacy concerns, online accounts and member numbers cannot be transferred between people. However, we are quite happy to assist you updating your details, setting up new memberships or updating your institutional membership roster.

Institutional Memberships
To update your membership roster please contact ACEL and we will assist with the account changes and access.

Individual Memberships
If payment for an individual membership has been provided through a previous workplace please contact [email protected] to discuss your options.

Renewal questions:

How can I renew my membership online?
To renew your membership online you will need to sign in to your ACEL account.

You can then navigate to your account by clicking on the Hi, (Your first name). Or by visiting the renew page.

From here you can see a red “Renew Now” button to the left of the page. Clicking this page will take you to a checkout page where you can enter payment details. After completing the checkout process you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

I’ve received a renewal notice but can’t renew online?
If you have clicked the renew now button your renewal process is already underway. Navigate to your shopping cart to continue.

If your membership has lapsed you may need to re-join ACEL. Purchase your membership through our Join Now page.

Still stuck? Contact ACEL on 02 8396 0809.

Cancelling my membership:
Please provide advice in writing to ACEL membership by emailing [email protected] or through the post.

Joining ACEL:

How do I join ACEL?
You can purchase a membership online today or email a membership application to [email protected].

Am I Member?
Your membership status can be checked on your account page. If you are uncertain about your membership status please call 02 8396 0809.

My organisation is a member does - that make me a member?
The benefits of Institutional Membership are only available to the individuals that your organisation nominates. Any individual from an organisation that has not been nominated will be listed as a non-member. You can enquire about Institutional Membership by emailing [email protected].

Individual member types belong to the person listed on the account and do not make your institution a member.

Membership benefits:

What are my membership benefits?
You can check your membership benefits on our website, or by emailing [email protected].

Accessing your membership benefits:
All membership benefits can be accessed once you have logged in on the ACEL website.

Membership pricing for the events and bookshop will be automatically shown to you.

Your online copy of the AEL and L&M can be accessed by logging on with your ACEL username and password.

Your physical copy of the AEL will be posted to the shipping address nominated on your account page.

Physical copies of the L&M can be requested by emailing [email protected].