100+ Ways To Recognize And Reward Your School Staff

100+ Ways To Recognize And Reward Your School Staff
Author: Emily E Houck
When you're in a leadership position and can't control pay, what can you do to increase morale and lower staff turnover? Get this book and use the many practical ideas for motivating educators and creating a more positive work climate in schools. Author and experienced school leader Emily E. Houck explains

Why recognising and cheering your colleagues is in their best interest and in the best interest of students.
Four essential elements of recognition and how and when to use each.
How you, as a leader, benefit from showing that you value the efforts and work of others.

From low-effort ideas - like thank you notes and team lunches - to more high-effort (but worth it) ideas like award ceremonies, the book describes inexpensive - even free - activities that fit the routine, budget and culture of P-12 schools. If you're a principal, administrator, department head, manager or someone heading up a school-based workgroup, don't settle for generic advice when you can get this education-specific book.

ISBN: 9781742392097

No of Pages: 164

Publish Date: 08 February 2013

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